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  • Amazon Customer - AWESOME PRODUCT! the only thing that has significantly cleared ...

    AWESOME PRODUCT! the only thing that has significantly cleared up my acne. I wash my face religiously but nothing seemed to work. Make sure to follow the directions and do not skip washing your face. My face only got dry a few times but I used extra lotion for those few times. Do not waste your money on anything else, this stuff works if you use it right!!

  • Haroon T - Love It.

    Fitting is very nice. Very perfect. Keeps my new Accord clean. I would highly recommend these mats to anyone who is looking to protect his car.

  • Steve J. Mannebach MD - perfect fit nice quality

    ordered for 2000 gmc yukon denali perfect fit.. comes with extra adapters if you need them for oil cooler lines.. does not come with new cap though..

  • Margie Louise Pipkin - I love these

    I love these so much,my family and friends come over and ask me were did i buy these at,and i say at amazon,these so wonderful i like the fact that they're porcelain drip pans ,and that they are black in color,so if they get food on them i just wipe them clean and they look amazing on my stove ,i will order more of these ,i just love they way they make my stove looked ,these are very good to have,i used to get the drip pans that were shiney ,but i like these better,so i will purchase these from now on.

  • JON B FRANCIS - Well made and fast Charge

    Two ports both super fast. I keep my phone on this charger overnight. I was afraid it would over charge but it did not and the phone did not even heat up. I have a ipone 6 and this charges faster than the charger that came with it. I will be taking this when I travel because that is usually when I am in a rush and only have time to do a quick charge.

  • Jay Longus - Loved every minute!

    I loved every minute of the cd, it really brought back memories. CSN were always my favorite, and seeing them again and still able to perform at their age is great.

  • Alicia Bacock - results not expected

    I read reviews prior to purchasing but still did not expect any results after using many other products that claim to be 'the best ever' I mistakenly purchased the mask and not the wash but it was not a mistake to try it and not send it back. After one use the redness decreased and size of breakout reduced. I started to use it overnight by applying a dab directly on the breakout. The next morning, depending on the size of breakout, the bump was either reduced by half, or was gone! I would recommend this to anyone who has purchased many over the counter items or has seen a dermatologist with no lasting results. The great thing about the mask is very little is needed. I purchased this tube before the summer started and I still have enough to last for at least another two months!