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  • Kelly - Great book

    I'm 11 and really enjoyed this book. I could so see myself getting into something like this! It's funny and has a good ending. I would definitely recommend this book for girls 9-12. But I also think my mom would like it to!

  • Brian - This is a very good way of life, a very good way to burn fat

    I am a 16 year old male. Using the method described in this book I have lost 10 pounds within 2 months. You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. I found out how to balcance my diet through this book. Thank You Dr. Hart and Mary Kay Grossman.

  • Melanie Hatfield - Hooray for Dad!

    Dads and men are so often butt of jokes and made to look incompetent these days. I love seeing a book that lets kids see dad as someone to look up to - as their Superhero! But it also lets them see him as a superhero for who he really is. I love this book!

  • Beverly - Love this! My baby didn't like it until about ...

    Love this! My baby didn't like it until about 2 months old, maybe a bit sooner. It's great for soothing him to sleep or keeping him asleep. The speakers don't work amazingly. I thought I would use that feature more, but really just use it for the motion now. Sometimes the higher speeds aren't as quiet as you would hope, but that hasn't woken up my baby.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fast Download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fast Download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Problems what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maureen - not that impressed

    I have gotten this grammy cd each year for about the last 5 or 6 years. Most years I enjoy about 80% of the cd. This year it was only 50%.

  • Tami - 5 Rockin Stars!!

    SL Scott has done it again.,.the twists and turns made me read it in a day and a half!! Kaz is oh so hot!!! Can I have more??? It's a must read!!