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  • Hope this helps - The Cover doesn't look like much...but this is surprisingly powerful.

    When it comes to "A Christmas Carol", I am most familiar with the 1984 adaptation directed by Clive Donner starring George C. Scott. To me, that edition is THE "A Christmas Carol". When I was walking through the store this Christmas and saw this edition, I just thought it was a "cheap knockoff" where a small studio tries to find the oldest and most obscure editions of films so they don't have to worry as much about copyright and make a quick buck. However, this 1951 adaptation just kept popping up on my news feeds and such that I began to take a more serious look at it. And it turns out that a huge following of Dickens/Christmas Carol fans consider this to be the perennial version of the tale...and I now can see why.

  • Marty - Very Good but QC Improvements Needed

    I received the product and was very pleased with the overall set. Very good value and nice looking bag and clubs. Two of the clubs, the putter and the 5-hybrid had slight defects (marr on the putter striking surface and small dents on the edge of the 5-hybrid).

  • Melodie Phillips - Hold on everyone!!!!

    I purchased this product after my menopause symptoms started to really bother me. I did not want to take anything and I have a heart condition so I wont do HRT. I am giving it a try and so far all of the symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue have lessened or gone away completely.

  • baseballmom - Excellent!

    Another prequel to My Sisters Grave. Robert Dugoni has proven himself to be an outstanding writer and I am about to jump right in to the first book!

  • Scott - Good, but new licensing wrecks it - WAY MORE EXPENSIVE for multiple PC's

    I have used office for years, since even before Office 2000 and when I bought Office 2010 (was using 2003 before that) I bought it with the promise from Microsoft to get the 2013 version for free as it was close to the release of 2013...Well, my office 2010 I can install on my laptop and my problem...2013? Nope...ONE copy only.