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  • For Fairness - Security hazard- Inuit says it stores personal information in countries with low security

    Huge security breach for social security numbers, bank account and other personal/business security information.

  • Terry - Streaks down 75% of the pages printed

    This product may save you money on toner, but you will need to factor in that it prints a black streak down most of the pages it prints. I end up having to reprint most things several times until it will finally print without the black streak. Save your money and buy the HP toner instead.

  • D. Noll - Difficult to Use

    I am using the software on a netbook computer with it's own GPS so I cannot comment on the included GPS hardware. The software is not easy to use for simple here to an address. It must be for more formal vacation or route planning. For some reason it thinks I am in Salt Lake City, even though I've used it numerous times in Texas. So, typing an address causes the system to find similar streets in Utah. The fields in which to enter destimations are very small. Also, in rural areas where I work, roads evidently do not come together at intersections because the system often refers to 'unnamed road'. Once you turn or go through that area, it does have the road number. The command of "turn on unnamed road" is not helpful.

  • Vintage Girl - Berkshire Letters

    It is easy to read. I do not have a lot of experience in stock purchases but i have ran a business and this book gives solid advice about diversification.

  • AllyUniverse - made fun of me with another clerk

    today, I was insulted by sales clerk who handed me a sample, and lured me in, tried to prevent me from leaving, made fun of me with another clerk. tried to apply a nasty looking cream to my wrinkled eyes and I declined. Tons of fake reviews here. any business that resorts to nasty predatory tactics must not be very good!

  • J. R. SOUTH - The BOMB! (In the Best Way!)

    "Joanne" is not the new Lady Gaga album that I wanted or expected. In fact, it's quirkily off-the-wall, and more Art than Art Pop. I resisted buying it for a few days, until I listened to it on Spotify. Then, when I saw Gaga's amazing performance of "Ay-O" on SNL,I was sold on it 100%. I'm listening to it as I write this. The songs have the most exciting, genuine energy, it feels like a caffeine injection. The lyrics are oddly poetic and intense, and Gaga's singing is beyond excellent: raw, emotional, and just freaking miraculous. An out-on-a-limb adventure in country, dance, pop, rock, soul, folk, and more than a touch of bathhouse cabaret. Thanks for a great CD, Lady Gaga. I doubted you, but I was wrong. Long, long may you reign.