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  • Amazon Customer - Not worth the price!

    I fail to see any benefits from using this product. I am 54 years old and see no difference after 3 weeks of use. I saw where many complained of using the gel, however that was never a big issue. You don't need much and it wipes off easily with a warm washcloth. I would recommend you keep your money in your pocket.

  • Kaptaan - this is the future of entertainment.

    I bought this product 6 months ago and it has worked without any issues at all. easy to use, plug and play. you can google how to add repositories if you want, but this comes pre-loaded with pretty much everything you need.

  • Danita Dover - Fastpitch bat

    Love it, it really put some distance on our daughters hits. Most of the team wants to use this bat when it's their turn to bat.

  • JenC - Instant Gratification

    My husband and I stumbled upon this product while in Las Vegas back in May - we had just celebrated my birthday the evening prior and needless to say I wasn't looking my best. The guy at the store did a demonstration on one eye to show the results, needless to say it was not only amazing but pretty much instant! I have been using this product ever since - I've always had super sensitive skin and have to be very careful of anything I put on my face - I've never had any issues with any of the Oro Gold products. I'm currently using 4 different products from this line and love every single one of them. I'm not the only one who has noticed how much better my skin looks either - a few friends I hadn't seen in a while asked what I had done - I had botox over 3 years ago and never received one single remark - I'm not saying this product is anything like botox, but when people start to notice your skin looks tighter, less puffy around the eyes, more tone & even colored there is obviously a reason for it.......the reason is this; THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! I was super happy to have found it so much more less expensive than what I paid for it in Vegas. This has allowed me to purchase different products that otherwise I would have been hesistant to try due to price. Nothing works for everyone - we are all different, but this one worked for me and I love it.

  • asia - great first drive

    I loved the scooter I maybe off my rocker but still I am glad I got it and that it works just fine I am using the scooter to take me to point A to point B as well as joy riding but it was a lot cheaper then most routes I would've taken for those who down the scooter should give a longer chance I know I only gave it a day and I loved it but the scooter takes me to the places I need to go so the scooters cheaper transportation and cheap for gas just think about it. :)

  • NKee - Good product

    Its just what i wanted no more no less. I really only use word.Easy to install. Gave me no problems. It has some really cool features and templates. I would recommend it. My only issue and it my issue others may not have a problem. although i you can purchase multi computer option, If my computer breaks or get stolen like the last one. I have to buy it all over again.

  • Bilal El-Jourani - Great Overview about the Dark Net

    I heard it so many times before: you spend two hours a day on the internet, checking and liking posts on Facebook, Instagram etc. and suddenly you see a profile of you that you never created. Everyone can get your Data so easily nowadays. This book showed in an interesting way and great style of writing how to avoid these data traps and stay safe in the world wide web. Also it gives a lots of information about the Dark Net itself which can help you to avoid being one of their Victims.