Crosspoint Imobiliare | Proprietati Premium in Bucuresti - Crosspoint Imobiliare este o divizie a Crosspoint Investment Banking and Real Estate specializata in tranzactii imobiliare premium, in Bucuresti.

  • Despre noi - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint este una dintre cele mai experimentate case de investitii din Romania, cu doua divizii: Crosspoint Imobiliare si Corsspoint Investment Banking
  • Contact - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Contact - Crosspoint Imobiliare, Primaverii nr. 29, Bucuresti, Dover Street, London
  • Apartament - Proprietati Imobiliare Premium - Cumpara apartament - proprietati imobiliare premium, rezidential, Aviatiei, Kiseleff, Dorobanti, Herastrau, Polona, Romana, Arcul de Triumf
  • Casa/Vila premium - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Cumpara casa/Vila premium in Bucuresti-Aviatiei, Kiseleff, Dorobanti, Herastrau, Polona, Romana, Arcul de Triumf, Victoriei, Polona, Pipera
  • Birouri - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Birouri - Crosspoint Imobiliare, 1 mai, Kiseleff, Pipera, Aviatiei, Herastrau, Romana, Polona, Rosetti
  • Cumpara, comercial, crosspoint imobilare - Cumpara, comercial, crosspoint imobilare, Rosetti, Primaverii, Herastrau, Pipera, Nord, Herastrau, Arcul de Triumf, Victoriei, Dorobanti, Romana
  • Terenuri - proprietati imobiliare premium - Cumpara Terenuri, proprietati premium in Bucuresti, Pipera, Primaverii, Polona, Romana, Regie, Stefan cel Mare, Unirii, Barbu Vacarescu, Baneasa, Aviatiei
  • Inchiriaza apartament - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Inchiriaza apartament premium in Bucuresti, Aviatiei,Kiseleff,Dorobanti,Herastrau,Polona,Romana, Primaverii,Cotroceni,Pipera, s.a.
  • Inchiriaza Casa/Vila - Crosspoint imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Inchiriaza Casa/Vila in Bucuresti, Aviatiei,Kiseleff,Dorobanti,Herastrau,Polona,Romana, Primaverii,Cotroceni,Pipera, s.a.
  • Inchiriere birouri - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Inchiriere birouri, proprietati imobiliare premium in Bucuresti, Primaverii, Victoriei, Pipera, Dorobanti, Aviatiei, Cotroceni s.a.
  • Comercial - Inchiriaza proprietati - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare premium, Comercial - Inchiriaza proprietati in Bucuresti, Aviatiei, Kiseleff, Dorobanti, Herastrau, Polona, Romana, Primaverii s.a.
  • Vinde - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare-Vinde proprietati imobiliare premium in Bucuresti,viatiei,Kiseleff,Dorobanti,Herastrau,Polona,Romana, Primaverii,Cotroceni,Pipera,s.a.

    Country:, Europe, RO

    City: 25 , Romania

  • h,s (s h) - Can't reliably schedule and manage backups

    ATI (Acronis TrueImage) has more features than the other brands and, unfortunately lots of bugs, poor error handling and an oddball interface that leaves even veteran ati users confused. ATI's paradigm for creating, storing, and managing backups in not the backups files or the source disk but the instruction set. Unfortunately, if you alter the settings in an instruction set, ati no long knows whether to treat a backup as in one set or a different one. If you cancel one backup, it might stop making scheduled backups altogether without letting you know. These problems have persisted since 2008.

  • Sibelius - Sweet driver for those prone to slicing

    For those who are prone to slicing - Pinemeadow's PGX Offset Driver is designed to help reduce such errors with a larger, more forgiving club face that is balanced extremely close to the shaft itself. After going through a few buckets at the range I managed to get a proper feel for the club and with easy, lazy swings was able to hit the sweet spot with much more consistency than I am used to versus my other drivers. The driver is sharply styled with a black graphite shaft that nicely complements the matte finished black head accented with silver, white and green elements. The club also comes with a well constructed and heavily cushioned head cover.

  • John H Reno Nevada - I love this manufacture

    Do not buy this product. It says it is compatible with windows 10, but it causes more problems than it is worth. I love this manufacture, but this product is slowing my computer down and has caused my computer to lock up. I have made too many calls to the manufacture to have the bugs fixed. They say it is a window problem. I say it is both.

  • Anita Brosius-Scott - Have had my Solatube 8 1/2 years - love it!

    I had a Solatube installed in our bedroom hallway in 2004 when we were re-roofing. I don't remember the exact model. I still remember the marketing picture though, showing someone looking up with awe and hands raised up towards the new light - that is JUST how I felt (Glory glory!!) with natural light suddenly pouring into our dark windowless hall. Still do. It has been great - no problems, no leakage, haven't needed to clean the inside diffuser lens (which is flush with ceiling). When we had our energy audit done a couple of years ago, on a well-below-freezing day, I was surprised to see it did not show much of a heat loss around it inside, any more than other spots hither and yon. I find it quite miraculous to see how much light emanates from it even when the light is low outdoors - and even under moonlight. Now I'd like another one, over the stairwell. And the house I'm renovating - I think I'll put two in the northwest-facing kitchen, in spite of the two windows, just to make it a nice bright room. This is a terrific product.

  • Barb B. - Great collection this year! A must-have if you love short stories

    Interestic, eclectic collection of stories, to the point where I have gone and researched some of the authors so I can buy some of their other work. This is a better collection than others I have read in past years although I do love them all. This one IMO is exceptional.

  • Aaron Strauser - E35 Elliptical Review

    Overall this is an excellent product. I tried several other brands but none had the build quality as the Sole. That being said, the motor was bad essentially right out of the box. The box arrived and the driver was great to put it into the garage. It is packed so tightly you have to cut the box away from it. It assembled pretty easily within an hour. I turned it on to try it. It worked fine. My wife got on and tried to increase the eleveation. She got a motor error and the screen wouldn't show anything else. It was just after Christmas so Sole was very busy. It took about 2 weeks to get it resolved. They sent the parts and scheduled a technician to come replace the motor. It has been working very well ever since.