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  • Jaimi C. - Amazing Buy

    I have had this monitor for a little more than a week. Shipping & Delivery was good, and it arrived in three days. The box or the monitor itself was not damaged, and all was good. Acer even included a free VGA cable for those who didn't have one.

  • Krystal Tavares - Who can say anything bad about this supplement

    Who can say anything bad about this supplement? I've used Gaecinia Camborgia for awhile now so when I got the chance to review this one after receiving a dicount I jumped as it can sometimes get expensive to buy these. They work for me by helping me feel full. I don't use them as directed I only take twice a day or once and it keeps me feeling full all day but not miserable and bloated like others. It arrived quickly in a sealed bottle exactly as shown in the photo. The smell isn't all that bad like some supplements I've bought. I just started this brand so will update as I see how well they do.

  • Big Mike - Great LED Switch

    Great product when using in association with a led light bar or any lighting product for your vehicle. Instructions were fairly simple and the switch seems to be solid and well constructed. Word to installer, the switch does not come with an installation frame, that is sold separately for some reason. Other than that little stumbling block it was a straight forward installation. I would definitely buy it again.

  • kelly - Gazelle-ing

    I am not into exercising at all but I am enjoying this product very much. The Gazelle is everything I had read about it and for a very modest investment I am starting to see results. Yes I did also notice some squeaking but it isn't that annoying (turn up the tv!)

  • momof4 - Informative and well researched.

    I reluctantly began this book because my husband asked me to. After the first few chapters I could not put it down. I do feel the author was divinely inspired, but that is not what got my attention. The average American citizen does not realize the scope of what is happening in our government. They don't understand Presidential Executive Orders and the loss of liberty that we as American's are facing. It has been happening for so long, a slow erosion, that we have barely noticed. Some of the items in the book I could hardly believe and did some research myself (absolutely certain I would find that the facts had been distorted), however, it was just the opposite,I realized the author had a true and correct portrayal of the facts as they stand. As a mother of four teenage boys, I am beginning to understand that if we don't address our loss of freedoms and the deliberate derailing of the United States Constitution that my children or their children will have to pay to get back their freedom with their blood. This book offers the only solution that we know of at this time. The most profound recognition I can give this book is that it simply changed the way I view the world around me and more importantly has altered our family's path for our future.