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  • Grant R - Bright little light

    This light is small but puts off some serious LED light. The lantern function works when you pop up the top with the adjustable strap. The strap can be used in either the flashlight configuration or the lantern configuration. I'm not sure on the lifetime of the 3 AA batteries that this lantern takes but it was very bright for the time I used it. The durability of this lantern doesn't appear to be the toughest so I wouldn't recoomend it for any tough outdoor situations. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • Renee - Fine product

    My dentist recommended this particular mouthwash for me. I have some periodontal issues and this helps for this. It also keeps you mouth moist. Helps between cleanings

  • joketchum - Great Gummy Vitamins!

    I received a free sample of these vitafusion gummy vitamins and I just say that I personally love them! These are my opinions and I was not paid to try them. I thought they tasted great and I could see an improvement in my complexion and the over all appearance of my hair. I've had a lot of bad luck finding vitamins that I honestly felt as though "worked" but, so far, I really like these. They aren't a miracle pill by any means that are going to magically make your hair and nails longer or your complexion perfect but they do make you feel better and I personally saw a result. The only downside that I really had with these vitamins is that they tend to stick together and become lodged at the bottom of the bottle. I also had a fee gummies that seemed hard around the edges. I live in Arizona so its naturally hit here but I never stored them in the bathroom or anywhere near a window where the heat might affect them more. Other then those minor issues i thought they tasted great and made me feel better.

  • jack2343 - awesome!!!!

    this actually just apply it on area wait a few minutes then wash it off and bam the hair is gone. so pain less and quick. way better than shaving or waxing. it does smell a little weird but nothing a wash with soap cant fix. i love this product. and with an awesome price i =for sure recommend it.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't expect the quality like this. Seems genuine leather

    Didn't expect the quality like this. Seems genuine leather. Looks really luxurious. I wish they have different colour other than the black only.

  • BirdOPrey5 - The new SImCity is an EPIC FAIL

    Easily the worst way to spend $60 since your "Jello of the Month" membership. Wow... So as you no doubt know by now this new release of SimCity has the following major differences from previous versions:

  • Carolann C. McGrath - Easy Recipes that take the fat out of eating

    I love their recipes. They are easy to make and use many of the ingredients that I already use in my cooking. If you are using something that's fattening they just replace it with something less fattening. I have made many recipes from their magazine and I just love it.