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  • TerraQuant Laser Packages Starting $2995 - See why TerraQuant is choice of professionals worldwide. TerraQuant utilizes Multi-radiance Technology - allowing you to emit laser light in multiple spectra. The TerraQuant also allows users to upgrade their units with probes, emitters, carts, and hands-free armatures for more efficient use.
  • Clinical Cold Lasers - Cold Lasers for Clinical and Professional Applications: We offer a broad selection of Clinical Use Cold Laser Equipment based upon your specific needs and budget. We will help you to select the right combination of cold laser and probes to meet all the applications that you wish to be able to effectively treat including: pain management, muskular skeletal, repetitive strain injuries, CTS, arthritis, back, neck and shoulder pain, broken bones, acupuncture, smoking cessation, weight control, skin conditions, wound care, burn care, inflammation and more.
  • Home Use Cold Lasers - Choose from several lasers for home use and if you need more power or additional diodes talk to a professional about the possibility of getting a clinical use cold laser. Home use lasers come in many different forms, but beware of frauds. Several companies market LED diodes as lasers and they are not true lasers. True laser in both the red light and infrared light range have over 30 years of evidence showing possitive results and they always outperform LEDs. The device needs to have at least 1 true laser diode to be a true laser. Then you want to look at the wavelength, which is measured in nanometers (nm) and the power output, which is measured in milliwatts (mW). More diodes allow treatment of a larger surface area faster.
  • Veterinary Laser - Veterinary laser for all equine laser applications on animals, horses, dogs, cats, etc…
  • Stop Smoking Laser - Are you considering starting a business to help people STOP SMOKING? If so, I commend you. With over 35 Million American adults wishing to quit smoking, this is a very lucrative and in demand business. It’s an opportunity to make a significant and positive impact on peoples lives. We specialize in helping you to aquire and utilize the worlds best IRB approved cold lasers for smoking cessation and weight control. We have 4 IRB approved quit smoking lasers with clinical trial studies and can provide you with guidance and instruction on how to legally get your stop smoking laser business going. If desired, we can also direct you to the top trainers in the industry and get you cold laser certified. We welcome your comments, experiences and testimonials. If you have something to share, please register and post to this blog. Together we will be building a valuable resource for countless future bloggers. Blog on.
  • TerraQuant Solo Cold Laser System $2995 #1 Seller in USA - TerraQuant Solo Low Level Laser For Portable Pain Management TerraQuant Solo: an FDA cleared portable laser for both home and professional use. It is an ultra portable, cordless, rechargeable cold laser with a super long life rechargeable battery of up to 14 hou...
  • TerraQuant Laser Pro System All-in-One Cold Laser - TerraQuant laser is the #1 Cold Laser Used Worldwide in over 30 countries. Why? Because it combines 4 healing energies synergistically working together to create a quantum healing effect that produces significant results for a wide range of conditions. FDA cleared and affordably priced.
  • TerraQuant Accessories - TerraQuant Laser Probes, Emitters, Carts and Accessories Click Here to View This Page with a SHOPPING CART TerraQuant accessories provide doctors and practitioners with features and upgradability.

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  • Bobby & Yvonne - WOW!

    When the laser projector showed up I waited for dark just to see what it might do. I didn't expect a whole lot because although it's a little heavy it's ........small. We have a couple of large cedars and a maple in the front yard with the house sitting in the center. I went out about 30' and planted the light and that small light lit up everything in the front with green and red flashing lights that would take thousands of Christmas lights to accomplish. From the tops of 50' trees to the ground and then some everything was Christmas bound.

  • Jay G. - Not a very good tourist guide

    My husband and I were planning a trip to Australia for Mardi Gras in Sydney but after reading this book I think we're going to North Korea on a cultural exchange (we play basketball a couple of times a year).

  • B. Sutton - Piece of junk. Save your money!

    This thing is so inaccurate, it says my temperature is 95 degrees. I would not rely on this for anything, let alone bring it near one of my children!

  • eyal - newman - the god's life rope to cancer patients!

    i am a orthomolecular-nutritionist and i had exactly 2 cases like the auther of that book had,so i know that every thing she wrote is completely true.she (the author)is a real cancer warrior,she begain to tell about what is cancer and how it work in the body,and what kinds of treatments available with a really open realistic the next chapters she explaines exactly the conventional treatments that she followed plus the attitute of her doctors to her, so called: "terminal condition of breast cancer".the will to live as she explaines drove her to learning many books on cancer and she start learning on her flash the alternative ways.she explains the detoxification program with exact instructions of how to do it individually,and responsibly.the author explaines the role of the immune system and how it works in order to ward off the cancer cells and their progresion.allergy\specific foods and recipes plus the roles of each orthomolecular nutrients (vitamins\minerals\etc,,,) in the treatment of cancer (any cancer!).there are a few chapters of incouragement that she explaines how to fight the disease moraly with amazing strategy and resoults.this woman is a real fighter,she also explains how the relatives should act if one member of the family \friend has cancer. the story of this author is amazing because of the fighting\positive attitute that this woman has. this is! the book on cancer!.i treat the disease and i have a few cases like this.this book is a bless from god,haleluya!every cancer patient\or a relative must have this book,believe me,my only interest is to see people getting better,i am a therapist.

  • Back sufferer - Very Inaccurate

    We own three of these gauges and the vast majority of the time they all read 16 just as in the display. This is despite running two humidifiers in the house. In fact, the only way to get them to go up is to take them into a steamy bathroom during a hot shower.

  • Geneva - They Fired the First Shot 2012

    This is an amazing book. Once you start reading, you don't want to put it down. The book is right in line with what is going on in America today. This is a MUST read for all Christians!

  • dude - NOT A GAME, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

    I first played with a ouija (wee-gee) board when i was 12 at a school holiday, my friend was talking too me about them, so i was desperate too have a go, just to see if it worked. He said ok, and got out a pen and paper and we drew one on, it was a crappy ouija board as you would of expected, but we didn't think it mattered, anyway we laid the peice of paper down on a shelf and got out a bottle cap, too use as a planchette, I had a go, and i didnt work :(, my friend had a go and it didnt work, and then this boy came a long, who didnt have a clue what we were doing so he sed "whats this, can i have a go" so we just told him what too do, and he did it.