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  • Mike.G689 - Powerful compact flashlight

    In all fairness, this a review written on day/night 1 of ownership. So I can't make a strong claim about longevity, but this flashlight feels solid - like the company refused to cut corners. They even include extra seals for the part that screws off for battery replacement. It has 5 settings that range from just enough to use as a candle to incredibly bright for the size of the flashlight. Really powerful throw with a surprisingly wide beam. Good ergonomics as well. If this one lasts then ThruNite is my brand.

  • Avid Reader - The graphics are nice. Then you realize the game is a scam.

    I had some dental surgery last week, so I needed to kill some time at home. Unfortunately, I had played a lot of other games so there was nothing to really try but Diablo 3. I had heard a lot of tall tales going around about people making big money off the RMAH (real money auction house) so I figured why not give it a try.

  • Jerry Gottsacker - Neutral light burned out or defective

    Bought this to trip GFCIs, but upon receipt the neutral indicator light did not work. It indicated all circuits in two houses had defective neutral wire connections, while another 'circuit bug' indicated everything was wired properly. Sure seems this product was defective.

  • mc1382 - 2014 Forest Hills Drive is a good listen

    Good effort from J.Cole this in my opinion is his best album yet. It's more stripped back and J.Cole did a good job with the instrumentals. It's Worth multiple listens it is recommended