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  • hondoman45 - Not great but better than most

    These are good quality but not the high quality of the mud guards I put on my 2008 Prius at the same time. They also cost $26 more and are much smaller. That being said, they should do the job. As long as the clips are used with the supplied screws these should take a beating. It took some patience to get these mounted but it was well worth the effort. I did remove the rear wheels to get easy access to the two screws used back there on each mud guard. The material used appears to be a bit more brittle and hard than that used in the 2008 mudguards. Time will tell but these look ok once on the car.

  • Alice S. - He will love assembling "his toy" as his sons work on their ...

    I got this as a Christmas gift for my nephew. He will love assembling "his toy" as his sons work on their Meccano sets.

  • overseas - Flawless and Happy

    I've been on Neocell Super Collagen for 3 years now and people comment on my skin everywhere I go. I had terribly dry and itchy skin with reddish sore patches all over my arms, chest and thighs. Had been and used all sorts of topical steroids prescribed by dermatologist but non offered long and permanent relief.

  • Lindsay M. - Waste of time

    Why does this have so many good reviews? This book is not literature. The characters have no depth to them, and frankly they seem to change personalities... Definitely not well constructed.