Clarity Detox || Get Your Life Back - Clarity Detox is your solution to opiate addiction & withdrawal. Our patented intensive outpatient opiate treatment (IOOT) ends opiate addiction.

  • Identifying Addiction - Clarity Detox - Identifying addiction is often difficult, and we recommend that those who suspect they or a loved one are addicted review our list of symptoms.
  • Meet the Team - Clarity Detox - Clarity Detox: Our team is composed of top experts in opiate addiction treatment. Meet some of our staff!
  • Naltrexone - Clarity Detox - Naltrexone Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT): The Clarity IOOT process is a pioneer in using non-addictive naltrexone treatment to end addiction to opiates

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  • David - Shut up and take my money :)

    It's such a small thing, but for the piece of mind on keeping extra moisture out of my diesel fuel system makes it perfect.

  • Amazon Customer - That was a waste of time

    We couldn't even get past the first few scenes of this movie. The music was too loud and drowned out the actors in some instances. There was an echo in some of the scenes, and the actors were horrible. It's a hot mess. If I could give it a negative 5 I would.

  • DaveAbdallah - Good read and pretty funny too

    I bought the Kindle book and also got the option to play it on the Audible App. I have been listening rather than reading and I have about 2 hours left. It is not just narrated...they actually hired horrible actors to read the parts. So not only is the book easy to understand and insightful, the terrible acting is really entertaining. I particularly enjoy:

  • Bernardo Machain - Good, Solid frills.

    It does what it is suppose to do, no frills. It's sturdy and appears like it could take a beating...I took one star off for two reasons. First, why bother to include the screen protector, it is crappy and it is not worth the hassle of trying to put it on to begin with. Two, the fit is tight and I mean tight and the case has no give so putting it on was a small feat.

  • Kevin Bowers - Working so far

    I bought this because I had exhaust leaking into the radiator system (Bubbling in the overflow/expansion tank). I followed the instructions, and at first it seemed to work, but after putting my foot on the gas it started bubbling in the overflow tank again. The directions were unclear if after you do all the steps, if you are supposed to completely drain the system, or if you drain just enough to add the anti-freeze coolant. I drained just enough to add the coolant. The bubbling began to be less and less over the following week, and now about a month later I am not losing any water and there is no more bubbling in the overflow, so it seems to have stopped the leak in my head gasket. I would always call these "sealants" a last ditch solution, but since I just spent $4000 on a Lexus IS300 and the mechanic said it is a 24 hour project to change the head gasket and would cost $3,000+ I decided to give it a try. I will say that it has seemed to work so far and am glad that I bought it.

  • Sasa - FAKE!!!

    I bought them about two months ago from "SUNGLASS EXPRESS" , but I just brought them to ophthalmologist for eye test today (2nd February 2013). The doctor told me that these eyeglasses are FAKE with low quality. So he can't change the lens for me because they will be broken. Gosh!!! I have to take them home.