CHI Health Good Samaritan - Kearney, Nebraska - CHI Health Good Samaritan is a regional referral center for central Nebraska and northern Kansas. Services include cardiovascular care, the region's trauma center, emergency, oncology, neurosciences, family birth, pediatrics, surgical and medical care.

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  • Mery - Perfect

    Really happy with my purchase. My baby love sitting in it. A plus is that it is high so the baby can look throughout the window.

  • alex hood - 22 minutes of aggravation

    Purchased yesterday. Tried the NFC and Bluetooth for 20 aggravating minutes and finally paired the phone and device manually. It operated for two minutes and then a clicking noise and nothing. No Radio, no AUX, no Bluetooth, no sound. Called customer support to discuss who advised me to return it to the store which I did. Quality concerns. Package promises not kept. Agree with previous reviewer; why offer a Bluetooth unit with a battery and not allow the unit to run off that battery?

  • Damascus Cain - Excellent DE, everything you hear that is good about ...

    Excellent DE, everything you hear that is good about DE is all true. It does cure candida, it does make you hair and nails grow like weeds, it does stop gray hair and balding, it does rid the body of mercury and other metals, it does kill worms, parasites and fungus (dries all this stuff up).

  • Jennifer Ritchie - SCAM!

    What a scam! They have been selling glucosamine chondrotin supplements for years, and now they put it in a liquid form and somehow it is better. Ask any doctor or pharmacist and they will tell you that there is NO medical benefit to this supplement. They claim it helps fibromyalgia, but fibro is not a disorder of the muscles or joints, but is neurological in origin. There is NO inflammation with this disease. This is a SCAM that preys on people that have chronic pain that is so bad that they are willing to try anything. It's shameful!

  • Jordan┬áSiegel - Way Above "Standard" Experience!!!

    The entire process from hitting the buy now button to receiving my package in the mail was excellent. The customer service department did an excellent job in communicating with me. When investing in Standard Process or other products they have in inventory, I will most definitely invest with them. And besides the experience, I am grateful that they stock such a life transforming product line in Standard Process. Business is about monetizing value, and this company puts value first in the products they stock! Thank you for giving me access to a life transforming product line!