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  • CindyMac - Do Not Buy- this is not the real product

    I have used Philosophy products for over 10 years. This was my first Philosophy product I ever used and I can tell you this is not the real stuff. I am returning it! I purchased a replacement from Sephora and the difference is night and day. What I received is a thin, runny mess. The real product is a thick creamy moisturizer. I am done trying to purchase beauty products from Amazon.

  • Mike's Girl - Waste of Money

    I tried the 90 day course after much research but as another reviewer notes, most review sites are sponsored by Lunesta Medical. I used it along with my diet and excerise program and saw no results for hot flashes or mood changes. I contacted the RN customer care by phone and after a 40 minute wait, she was rude and unhelpful saying I had to figure out what was best for me but stated not to even think about a refund as the 30 day period had passed. I suppose they figure they have your money so screw you if it doesn't work, you can't return it. I actually gained weight which could be from the MSG in the product as it is a salt and can cause fluid retention. So, I'm out $145.00, 8lbs heavier and back to square one. Thanks Amberen. I don't reccommend this to anyone.