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  • CJKearns - Really did even out my complexion!

    I really like this stuff. My husband decided to use it with me, and we have both noticed a difference in our complexions. For me, I have struggled with acne and scarring for years. Although my acne has cleared up A LOT since high school, I still have problems with acne scars. This cream helped heal and even out my face, as well as my husband's. Not only that, but I used it on some weird scars/stretch marks on my thighs to see if it would help at all. I was shocked that it helped hide the scars/stretch marks a little. The description of the product does say it's a moisturizer, but I found that it dries up my skin a little. However, I have naturally dry skin, so it may work as a moisturizer for other people. Everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to products. My husband's skin adjusted to it after about a week. I personally like to apply it after washing my face, let it dry, then add my normal moisturizer to my face. Again, that works for me but everyone is different.

  • sue g - Always interesting

    Always interesting. Love the cartoon on the cover. Articles and interviews of how chefs got started, kept going and what they would do differently, if anything, if they could do it all again.

  • Victor Fuentes Jr - Well done

    I was extreamly impressed with this charger. I am a student. And I take many things that use USB connectors. Finding 1 outlet is precious so finding a charger that can charge multiple USB chargers was a must. I had my worries since I have the new iPad, that perhaps it wouldn't be compatible. It is, everything I set to charge works well. For the price? I'd recommend it to anyone. I'm not someone who would rate anything 5 stars, but well done

  • Scarlett - Great for a Beginner

    I was using a different type of grip that caked on my hands. This product is more like a "powder". It gives me the grip I need for tricks on the pole and doesn't cake on my hands. I find it easier to wash off too. Great stuff for a beginner!

  • Arnold - Perfect item and arrived well.

    We have been using the camera now for a few weeks to mostly record my daughter's HS soccer games and other children and family performances and outings. It has worked wonderfully so far. The zoom works well for me. I have only used it on a monopod/tripod, so I cannot say how well the stability control works when using it in your hand. I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend this camera.