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  • Serena W. - I love this product

    This was a repurchase of an old friend " Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover". I purchased the gallon sized jug to help with the odors associated with my doggies. I love this product. I've used it for years and always go back to it. It is long lasting and leaves no stains on the carpets or flooring, and the dogs don't sneeze after I use it. I highly recommend it.

  • A. Nalicat - Valuable Knowledge

    This book was used in our MBA finance course. Many parts of financial management in this book are useful for a financial leader. This book has easy, logical, and coherent valuation formulas related to WACC and other financial measurements. Certainly speaks real life application - I intend to keep this book beyond my MBA program.

  • Nana - Unhappy to say the Least! Goodbye Mr. Keurig 2.0...I hope you enjoy your ride to the Dump! I will now go back to my old Mr. C

    Boo this Keurig! What a disappointment! I have a pantry full of coffees and teas that I purchased from Amazon and I can't use them with this machine! Saddest part is that this is what I treated myself to for Christmas because I wanted to be sure to get the right one (I was afraid my husband would bring home one just like I had...boy did I mess up...I wished that I would have let him!) I should've kept my older Keurig that I have had forever! Instead I gave it to my daughter. It never had an issue!

  • puffcurls - GREAT product, BAD Seller

    GREAT Product: This is an amazing formula for babies with MSPI (milk or soy protein intolerance). I prefer it to Nutramigen, which has a lot more soy, smells worse, and does nto come in RFT (ready to feed) options. Another great option from Similac. My baby was diagnosed with colic from the beginning but I knew it was more than that. She did much better when I stopped consuming dairy while breastfeeding and now that she is older she is on this formula along with a dairy-free diet and most of her GI problems are gone.