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  • Rachel - Beautiful product

    Love this product. Received in my IPSY glam bag and this product is amazing. Wonderful highlighter and blush in one. They also do not test on animals my favorite part!

  • GMacW - Battery Life is Awful!!!

    I received this just a couple days ago. it came boxed nicely and was very easy to assemble. I read that it didn't have the best battery life but I'm only getting 15 minutes at best! I cherged the battery fully overnight and started this morning trimming around my fenceline, after 15 min battery was dead! I put back on charge and it took 5 hours for the charging light to turn green. Back out I went and again 15 min later battery dead. I have a choice, buy four more batteries so I can trim weekly or buy a different trimmer. Sorry Worx although this seems like a sturdy product, it's a waste of money if you have more than 60' linear feet of trimming.

  • Midwest Man - Why isn't this more widely known?

    The author's concept: modern lifestyles reduce our connection to earth, therefore increasing electron stagnation in our bodies which leads to inflammation of tissues. This causes health problems of every scope and magnitude.

  • E. L. Fough - XS makes a fine purse

    I bought this in size XS to replace a worn out Eddie Bauer messenger-type purse (lasted about 6 years). This is heavier than the Eddie Bauer due to the heavier fabric and the waterproofing. Overall volume is about the same, but distributed differently.

  • Aaron - Worked wonders!

    I used this to get some sticker residue off of my car for my work's parking pass. Thankfully, this was able to do the job admirably. Highly recommended.