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  • martialman7 - Solid, dependable product

    I have had the PS4 for a month now and find it the most advanced gaming console out there. The controller is extremely user friendly and comfortable to hold, esp. for long periods of time. The graphics are incredible and take advantage of the full 1080p HD television's capabilities. I like the speaker in the controller; it is a way to get you really into the game. I have a plus account for my PS3 and it was a little confusing in the adaption to the PS4. I had to call Sony support and they walked me through the process. It took less than 5 minutes. There was no waiting when contacting Sony support and the reps were most helpful. I replaced the 500gb hard drive with a 1.5tb hard drive in no time. Sony made this process quick and easy. I was able to buy this unit for the MSRP of 399.99 when Amazon opened a window of purchase at that price with free shipping. I wasn't going to buy it until the price came down to 399.99 but I got lucky and hit Amazon just as they opened that price window. There is no way I would pay more than the MSRP for the PS4 so you should either wait until you can get this for the MSRP or keep checking Amazon to see if they open a price window. As of this writing, Amazon has opened the window and you can get it for the 399.99 price. The most important thing that Sony can do, though, is to download an update making the unit DLNA compliant. I would be able to integrate my systems with the PS4 and not have to use my PS3 for this process. I am also looking forward to more system updates to include other features not on the PS4 such as backward compatibility.

  • vikki padgett - Good introduction. Nice!

    I has spent hours with my son looking up at the night sky and teaching him all he knows about the stars. This is a basic kit, but good value for money. Not for the serious star gazer, but a good introduction.

  • Joel - Looks great

    MOPAR quality. No bolt design was easy to install, just re-use the original gas cap. Looks great and keeps mud and snow and slush off of the cap. Still torn on whether I should have bought a cover with a lock on it, but in the end very happy. Buy it!

  • Amazon Customer - Great cellulite gel

    I love this stuff! Makes dimpling diminish significantly. Absorbs quickly. Makes my thighs very smooth also. Love the product!

  • lisbif - 50 Shades of WASP

    Look, this just won't do! Yet another example of 'I-only-read-what-I've-written-myself' syndrome (thank you Elle McPherson), Cory Bernardi's attempt at Literotica is a literary and literal flop. I've not read anything this bad since Warren Truss' attempt at a Mills & Boon set in the back blocks of Nanango. From Cory's single-handed *cough* experimental fumblings on the government backbench, to his blatant attempts at cross-species pollination with Bronwyn Bishop's hair in opposition, Bernardi's attempt to mount the pulpit has only resulted in a rather public hosing. The motto of the story people: microchip and desex your politicians, you never know what they'll try to hump.

  • ssprockets - Catching up on what you missed

    I really enjoyed this book. From the hilarity of the top 100 wi-fi network names to the essays and articles that I definitely had missed this year. I nice cultural time capsule.