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  • backtoschoolgramma - Nice magazine

    This is a very nice magazine for kids....I first saw it in my doctor's office and purchased for my grandchildren. Was disappointed that it didn't come covered in plastic or some type of protective cover...the pages were curled on top from shipping.

  • Jackie Cheek - Love the product

    Love the product. Saw results the first time I used it. Arrived ahead of time and packaged nicely. Love the way it makes my skin feel.

  • mrs billie - A MUST HAVE!!!

    This stuff is a MUST HAVE!!!! We have 3 bathrooms in our house and one is right off of the kitchen. With 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 4-9, someone is always in the bathroom!! All of the kids will ask each other if they used the "Poo-Pourri" when they see someone leave the bathroom. We also have the smaller 2 oz bottles that I carry in my purse, and if we go to a public bathroom, one of the girls always says "Did you bring the Poo-Pourri?" Enough said!! We will never be without this product! No 2 is my favorite scent.

  • Greg Sakowski - It can't import Quicken data

    It will not import data from Quicken 2013. I ended up buying Quicken 2014 because Quicken 2013 is so buggy I thought it would convert easier. It got further through the import process with Quicken 2014 file data, but it still aborted at the end of the import process and would not complete. I am a long time user of Intuit Quicken products but am more and more disappointed with their product offering. They just don't work well anymore. At least Quicken 2014 seems more stable (less buggy) than Quicken 2013, but just means I wasted my money on QuickBooks.

  • Camie Lyon - I've been drinking this daily for a month with no ...

    I've been drinking this daily for a month with no results, my joint pain even worsened as I informed them. Although they informed me that sometimes it takes several months to see results (beyond the 30 days, of course), I am returning the remaining cans but being stiffed with the rather expensive return postage.

  • Well done! - Well done!

    I love kids books mainly because of the hipe when I tell my nieces I have a new book for them. This one is great for children as there are so many different stories. I suggest starting at the beginning as this is what we have done and were sure not to miss any. The author has done a great job putting these stories together. I can see why it has so many likes and so many reviews. It's certainly worth getting! You will be glad you did.