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  • AgHauler - Nioxin terrible now!!!

    I've used this product for close to 15 years without an issue. The formula was "redone" by Nioxin and now there ARE issues. Like enough hair falling out to clog the shower drain daily. The newer formula is pure white and thick and comes in a bottle with a black bottle cap with WHITE top to it. The old formula had an ALL black bottle cap. I just got done "chatting" with Nioxin and they told me of the formula change and didn't believe there is a difference. I do have about 4oz of the old formula in my travel kit to compare with the "new" formula. The older formula had a pale green hue to it and smelled more pepperminty and was relatively thin, compared to this "newer" formula. I have put both products on a paper towel to compare and this is correct. I've run into the product before, which is pure white, thick and comes in the bottle with the black bottle cap with WHITE top before and noticed a greatly excellerated rate of hair loss, as it covered my shower drain daily. This was NEVER an issue with the older pale green formula. All Nixoin has offered is my money back and for me to look for another product elsewhere.

  • Sneezy 5 - Not well written

    Plot was interesting enough but the book was poorly written. Often there were names and things I had no clue what they were referencing. Only finished the book because I felt plot committed and wanted to know the ending. Engaged every time I read it, but found myself never wanted to pick it back up to finish it.

  • William Smith - Worked Like a Charm!!!

    I took this remote into the Chrysler dealership and they programmed it for me without any problem. Of course, the price to buy one at the dealership was twice the cost I paid for this one.

  • Jo-Rell - 2 in 1 you cant go wrong.

    Ive used other Selsun blue before this one. Its good for those that want one bottle that has 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Same treatment everything in one. Im happy will buy again if needed.

  • Shak75 - A Nice Suprise

    I was given this product by someone who had gone through what I had been experiencing: chronic back pain. My back pain was a result of a car accident in which mine and my son's lives were spared. I'd done physical therapy with no medication and thought I was on the right track (I'm also a runner and work out several times a week), but the pain came back and never went away. I was so miserable, 24 hours a day. I purchased a new mattress, started taking aspirin, cried - nothing helped, and then a stranger - the mattress salesperson - suggested I try this product. He went on to tell me that 2 years prior he was going through the same pain I was experiencing.

  • Larry T. Becker - Microsoft Outlook Returned

    Actually I sent it back because the remote server I connect with does not allow me to use Outlook. I was impressed with Amazon who contected the vendor who accepted the return.