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  • Les Leary - Great Duck House.

    I was looking for a light weight, sturdy, low wind line structure. This is all that. It secured together easily. All parts are locked in. There are specified screw holes to attach the floor to a wood surface (so don't just stick it out on dirt.) How is it for dogs? I have no idea. I assembled it and then attached it to a raft in the middle of my lake. I added wood blocks around the edges for security. The ducks are really enjoying it for nesting in. We immediately had 50mph wind gusts and major rain. The raft dragged the concrete block anchors to the far edge of the lake but the house remained secure and the interior dry.

  • Jenn - So far so good

    We bought this supplement hoping it would be a solution to some issues with our very old cat. She is 21 years old and starting to experience some odd kitty issues. In researching online, her symptoms match descriptions of other cats who have thyroid issues. We weren't comfortable taking her to the vet for extensive and expensive exploration so we decided to try a recommended supplement first. She had been having some issues with eating. We switched to canned/moist cat food to try to help her. While she does enjoy the moist food, it seems that she is always hungry now. She's gained weight, which is good. But she's begun this god-awful yowling. She yowls in the morning endlessly until someone feeds her. She does the same at dinner time. It is very loud and obnoxious- and disruptive to the sleep in our house when she begins at 5 a.m.! Since starting these supplement drops, she has been calmer. She does still yowl, but not as loud or as long most days.

  • Shelia - Only diaper cream that truly works.

    I've tried so many creams. And this one is really the best. As I've read before, it doesn't really matter what the main ingredient is, it's how well it sticks to the skin to do it's job, and this does. I discovered this late in the game with my first child, once I did though, I was sold.

  • Rasik Rodriguez - Some things are gone that where in the previews version

    I decided to upgrade for the new verssion because of personal reasons, and I found out that important projects I was working on in the previews verssion were not compatible.

  • Texas Angel - Cool Gift

    I bought this unicycle for my boyfriend (who had never ridden one before). He loved it!! I think it is a good unicycle to learn on. It has survived several falls while he learned to ride. I suggest buying a helmet and elbow pads for a beginner.