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  • S. Delany - Effective

    Temporary fix but effective. Perfect compliment to homeopathic treatment that has eliminated my perimenopausal symptoms: hot flashes, irritability, digestive sluggishness, brain fog/confusion, depression and fatigue. Ahhh

  • James Long - Kids!

    This is probably the best overall investment book ever written for the beginner. I read my early edition so much that I practically wore it out. I just sent both of my sons (in college) a copy of the new edition because this is the best 'first thing' to read to set them off on a journey of learning about investments.

  • Athenasowl - Is everyone watching/listening to the same DVD?

    I cannot believe that everyone is watching and listening to the same DVD? I think that this performance is marginally short of remarkable mostly because Stills' voice isnt what it used to be, but I dont think it is shot! Hell, even Sinatra had issues later on in his career. About the only rock and roll vocalist who hasnt lost much in the aging process is Roger Daltrey, because he took care of himself. Stills didnt.

  • Bernie - Worked perfect and great quality

    Worked perfect and great quality. I couldn't read most of the box and manual because it wasn't in English, but I know what I'm doing anyway. I plugged it in, formatted it and installed Windows 10 on it, no problems at all.

  • 76Tiger - Upsell SCAM!

    This is a scam to get adds on your computer and to upsell you on other services. Had to actually block the helpdesk phone number after trying to get help with a minor issue.

  • Kari Novakovich - Surprised!

    It worked VERY well for me! I followed the instructions exactly and wrapped my forearm in plastic wrap for at least an hour before beginning. I was totally numb and felt nothing for about 40-50 minutes, unfortunately, the tattoo took 2 hours to complete so as the numbness wore off the intensity of the pain was pretty rough.