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  • Amazon Customer - I'm so glad i pulled the trigger on RTIC and not YETI

    I'm so glad i pulled the trigger on RTIC and not YETI. YETI is for the consumer who needs that status symbol. It's literally double the price for the same quality product. I left pure Ice in my RTIC the first night I had it for almost 20 hours and it lost maybe 1/4 of it's volume (to water). I use this mainly for my coffee in the morning and it stays hot from 8am-10 (I finish it by 10).

  • Mike4500 - Great machine. Only a few complaints.

    As others said, this does not come with instructions. It's a little rough standing over a pile of parts, bolts, washers, etc. and your only guide is what seems to be a 20 year old scan of the original drafters diagram - dozens of blurry lines and part codes stuffed onto a couple sheets of paper. You'd think a company making millions like Body Solid could pay one of their employees to sit there for one day, build this thing and write real instructions. Luckily, I've put a lot of equipment like this together, so I figured it out but it was a much bigger headache than it had to be. You spend half the time starring at the diagrams for long periods trying to figure it all out. I had to backtrack a couple times and disassemble sections to get it right.

  • Jeremy - So far, no problems

    This trampoline came as described and was easy to install. I installed it in less than 1.5 hours by myself. The safety net came "pre-installed" onto the trampoline. According to the directions, you were supposed to slip the metal loops from the trampoline through the eyelet of the safety net. To my great pleasure this was already done, so all I needed to do was hook up the springs to the metal loops. I am not sure if every one of them is delivered pre-assembled like that, but it was nice and saved time. I dont see that it would be hard to do, but it would have been time consuming if I had to do it.