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  • Mike D - SCAM! Mat/Wire had no continuity!

    If you know anything about basic electricity, you'll know that you need continuity from ground to your feet in order to be grounded. When I recieved this item, I took out my Fluke 189 multi-meter ($400 meter I use for work just about everyday). I looked to see what the resistance was from the ground prong (that you stick into ground in your home receptacle), to the metal on the pin connecting to the earthing mat. It was OPEN!!!!!!! This means you are in the same exact position lying on this mat in your bed, as you are lying on your bed without it! If it was just this, I could understand. Maybe the wire was open, because of a manufacturing defect. No biggie. Then I looked at the resistance on the mat itself. One side is straight rubber-type material. Obviously this side wasn't conductive at all, and was completely open between any two points. The other side was less rubbery, and was STILL open between it, and the metal plug that the wire plugs into. This product is a failure in LITERALLY every single possible way. Please think for yourself, and realize that this product is a scam.

  • moonkaolee - Works well for oily chin

    I enjoy this cream the most of all the acne cream I tried. This is a great acne product for my oily acne-prone chin. I use it day and night. After 1 week I noticed the reduction of acne and the size of the cyst-like ones has reduced dramatically. The plus is that my cyst-like acne doesn't hurt.

  • Louis - Passed the test with an expired drink

    Let me start by saying that this drink has worked every time for not only me but for many people I know. There's some things that you need to be aware of though. First thing is that YOU MUST BE CLEAN FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS BEFORE TAKING THE TEST. So if you can't be clean for those 2 days before the test then you're better off using synthetic urine. After taking the drink, YOU MUST DRINK AT LEAST 2 16oz GLASSES OF WATER THEN URINATE TWICE. Third, you have about a 5 hour window to take the test. Now let's run through the process of how my last test went, which wasn't a breeze but I passed so that's all that matters):

  • Diana Hunt - the most comfortable headphones I have owned

    I am writing this after a week of use. I wear these on my run commute to and from work (4 miles) every day. They are the most comfortable headphones I have owned and the ability to shorten the cable makes them ideal for running. Controls are easy to use and the microphone seems to be ok for calls (accidently double tapped the button and dialled the last number; useful just should have read the manual!). I have charged it twice (on receipt and once more in the week) but it hasn't died on me yet. Sound quality is fine; I'm no audiophile but it seems ok to me. The case is a nice touch and it comes with extra bits for the earbuds (and a little net bag). For this price you won't get better. Would absolutely reccomend.

  • tami28501 - This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair

    This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair. My hair tends to be dry and lifeless from using a blow dryer and being middle aged my hair is dryer anyway. I have used this product about once a week since I received it and have very much been impressed with the look and feel of my hair.