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  • Francisca - Very much worth reading!

    After having read on the Internet that you don't need to know much about oil pulling to be able to do it as the method is quite simple, I decided to buy this book anyway as I had problems with one of the fillings in my teeth after I started oil pulling and I don't regret it at all. As I had already read Dr. Bruce Fife's book Coconut Cures I contacted him with the question whether my problem might be related to oil pulling or not. I was using sunflower oil at the time. He wrote back telling me that I should consider reading his book about Oil Pulling as my tooth must have had a problem before I started oil pulling or else the filling wouldn't have fallen. I found this book to have a lot of useful information wich helped me understand more about the health of my teeth and my mouth. I also loved the last chapter about Myths and Misconceptions about Oil Pulling which helps you to understand what is true and not about what you read online. The chapter about vitamines and minerals was very important to understand the vitamines and minerals which are important for your health, the dosage usually recommended and why it is not always right. I had no idea that you should be more aware of taking enough magnesium than worrying about whether you take enough calcium as calcium is everywhere and the ideal ratio of both because they each can deplete the other if not taken properly. The part about root canals worries me because the problem I had was exactly in a tooth which had had a root canal. The advice to have the tooth pulled doesn't really appeal to me but I will see how it goes. The problem is that often you do have an infection going on without noticing and it doesn't hurt like in a normal tooth and that can affect all your health. Tomorrow I am going to buy what I need to make the Medicated Coconut Oil as I have just had a problem with my gums.

  • fieldmouse - The best

    These instant creamy mashed potatoes do NOT taste like instant. They're rich full bodied mashed potatoes with no artificial flavor or additives. We used to be able to get them at Costco, then our local grocery store, but no longer. Glad we can get them through Amazon. They are great.

  • David - very good

    Aesop's stories are woven deeply into western culture. So many stories we've only heard whispers of. It's well worth reading them in the original, well, a good translation from the original.

  • Babs1179 - 7-year old loves it.

    My 7-year old loves this clay studio. She actually focuses and takes her time on it and it keeps her entertained for hours. The first thing she made was the jewelry holder. It took a minor amount of supervision from me, but for the most part she was able to follow the instructions and her project turned out very well. We let it dry overnight and then she painted it. She is really proud of the way it turned out. Now, I'm aware that this is a toy and might not last long, but she loves it and I'm not expecting all that much from a toy studio! I do wish that it plugged in as the battery power can be a bit weak at times and wears out quickly. But other than that, I love that everything is included (we'll eventually need more clay and paint, but that's to be expected) and that this is something that she can do without me standing over her every second. I think this would be a great gift for a girl or boy who enjoy making things and is about 7-10 years old. I received this product for free from Spin Master in return for my honest review.

  • Ricardo Jauregui - Poor item description

    Quality seemed good but according to item description it was supposed to fit the model stroller that I have... it didn't had to return it.