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  • http://blog.chow.md/2014/09/actress-kerry-washington-reveals-her-beauty-secrets.html About Face: Actress Kerry Washington Reveals Her Beauty Secrets - Have you ever wondered how celebrities and stars manage to maintain flawless skin for those countless close-ups, despite their hectic schedule? Worse still, they often spend their days in heavy make-up. Some days, I feel as though I’ve spent a lifetime seeking the answer to this riddle. Fortunately, actress Kerry Washington of the television show Scandal has shared some of her secrets to having radiant skin in a recent article, you can read more about it here. Kerry has admitted that she did not always have the perfect, clear skin we see on television and in magazines. She once suffered...
  • http://blog.chow.md/2014/08/prevent-melting-make-up-in-the-summer-heat.html About Face: Prevent Melting Make-Up in the Summer Heat - Living in the heat of a southern California summer while trying to maintain a fresh face of make-up can be quite difficult. Personally, unless I am indoors with air conditioning, I can feel my skin becoming slick and my powder foundation begins to look muddy. Luckily, there are some easy to follow tips that can help with these issues without having to stop all of the outdoor summer fun. First and foremost, before anything goes on your face, it is important to exfoliate your skin so that your skin will be smooth. This will help the products to stay on....

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  • Venom211 - Better than the picture and looks especially good with my ...

    These look sharp once installed. Better than the picture and looks especially good with my White / Black JGC Altitude model. I had the dealer install them cause I didn't want the hassle that others had to deal with on here. They put these on and a set of JEEP splash guards and charged me an hour and a half of labor which I thought was relatively reasonable.

  • Nerium Brand Partner - Best Teeth Whitening KIT!!!

    Smile Sciences has the best Whitening system I have ever Used. I am a big coffee drinker so this kit has made me more comfortable with my smile. The best thing about it was I had no sensitivity.

  • turbo_911 - The car seat material is nice and soft

    The car seat material is nice and soft, feels sturdy and look nice, but who puts 2 big/huge warning labels right where the head cushion is? The sad part is nowhere on Amazon description or pictures it states that the car seat has those two huge warning labels, not even manufacturers website. Another flaw is, the head cushion is small. If your baby is a big/chubby at 4-5 months old, the baby won't fit into this car seat. It is not lightweight car seat, it is average. There are lighter weight car seats for less.

  • rotfl2u - Bought this tray based on other's reviews that it fits ...

    Bought this tray based on other's reviews that it fits the Britax B-Ready stroller , which what I bought this tray for and it does! Works and fits perfectly!

  • Frances E. Marrero - My mom's taking it!

    She has lost 25 lbs, without doing anything other than taking hydrolyzed collagen twice a day! Plus, she has rhuematoid arthritis and that has helped with range of motion in her hands, which are covered with arthritis nodules! I am going to start taking in for weight loss and to prevent the RA which runs in my family!

  • Amazon Customer - It a very good book.

    It a very good book.... I like it cause it very detail and it make studying a whole easier.... Ill be ready for my test for sure..

  • comfortable dave - Great utility knife.

    Fine EDC utility knife. Sharp, compact and strong. Nothing "Survivalist" here. A good sharp knife with a Philips screwdriver which I haven't used yet. Some people complain about the bottle opener. Haven't had a problem yet.