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  • jt58lt59 - Dorco Pace 6 Plus-Six Blade Razor System is the BEST ever!

    As I hadn't heard of this brand before, I was slightly nervous about ordering this product but because of the incredible price, I thought I didn't have anything to lose in trying something new. I ordered 1 set for my husband and 1 set for myself. Prior to this I had been using a very well known brand and it didn't matter how often I changed the blade on the razor, I blade didn't always just "shave" but rather "pulled" out hairs which was painful. My husband and I are both extremely happy with the Dorco Pace brand and will be ordering more from this company in the future. The shave is very smooth and this razor actually shaves all the hairs....there aren't patches where it didn't shave. I'm still on my first blade and have shaved several times with it and probably still won't have to change the blade for awhile. But even when I do, I won't worry about it as the cost is just so incredibly low to replace the blades or even order a whole new pack. I will happily stay with the Dorco brand and I'm very happy that I decided to give it a try.

  • Rhonda - Absolutely loved this Book!!!

    The Revolution by S.L. Scott.... OMG!!! I absolutely loved this book, it is so full of emotion and perfectly written. Kaz the perfect man loving, hot, rocker and so sweet, can you say new book boyfriend. I enjoyed watching the story unfold between Kaz and Lara. S.L. Scott know how to suck us the reader, into the story and we are feeling the emotion with the characters. This is a must read!! I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

  • Brian R - Rapidly Charges a Nexus 6P!

    I'm using this USB Type C charger with my Nexus 6P and I just want to say right off the bat that this WILL fast charge a Nexus 6P. I plug the power brick into the wall, the Type C cable into my phone and it displays "Rapidly Charging" on my Nexus 6P. I know there are a lot of chargers out there that can be kind of shady, but this is not one of them. When I unboxed the charger, I was greeted with a medium sized power brick that has a nice soft touch feel to it. The soft touch plastic feels really good in the hands and has a high quality presence to it. The power brick isn't too big, but it's definitely not the smallest one I've seen. The size is probably due to the fast charging capabilities that it has. I would say it's no larger than the charger that came with my Nexus 6P. The Type C cable that comes with it is of good quality. There really isn't a whole lot to say about the cable itself. It plugs into both ends and gets the job done. Overall I'd recommend this charger for anyone with a Nexus 6P. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. My views are my own and I am in no way affiliated with any third party.

  • Christopher M. Preovolos - Great for packing camera gear in a suitcase

    This is great for packing camera gear in a suitcase. Holds two pro DSLR bodies, 17-35, 70-200, two strobes and random other things

  • Mortifer Gnome - A good looking tradition.

    2015's ornament looks great, and collecting these has added a nice extra personal touch to family decorating each year.

  • william volpe - great ball

    i used many different kinds of volleyballs but this one feels so good and it has some crazy movement.i would have to say the one bad thing is that it stings alittle when your bumbing it,i didnt mind it but the other players( mens & women) had said it...I do not regret buying this ball matter of fact im happy that i did, it is very easy to see and has a great feal to it when your hand setting thanks mikasa for making a very good ball bill