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  • Boomer - My First Real Bike

    I purchased this bike because my 8 year old grandson received a new bike for his birthday and wanted me to have a bike so we could ride when he comes to visit. After a great deal of research, I settled on this bike and have not been disappointed. Because it required a number of tools I do not own, I decided to take it to a Diamondback dealer to have it installed. Cost a bit of money, but .I did not feel I could have successfully assembled it. The bike works great. At age 70, this is my first real bike and I really enjoy it. The seat could be a bit more comfortable, but I saw that on many reviews of other bikes. Overall, I am very pleased and am awaiting warm weather so I can ride it more.

  • MOMSTER - My teeth and breath thank you

    It’s funny that in the twenty-plus years I’ve known my husband and he’s had a Water Pic, I have never wanted to try it. So I happened to see this oral irrigator from SmarToiletries and what piqued my interest was that this is a self-contained unit without a separate tank. I have never seen one like this before and this takes up so little room on the bathroom counter that I knew this was the one to get. When I first set this up I didn’t realize that I had to really press down hard on the jet tip to get it in the irrigator. I had turned it on and the tip went flying and mouthwash was everywhere!! I didn’t want to break this but you really have to push down and engage the tip with a loud click. Well, I was off and running. This works unbelievably well! I actually wish the soft speed was a little bit softer since my first time using this, my teeth bled a lot. Now that I have the hang of it and my teeth are used to the stimulation, my teeth no longer bleed. I did switch up my mouthwash for a blend of mouthwash and peroxide after my husband told me the dentist had recommended this. The peroxide doesn’t taste as gross this way and I’m cleaning and whitening at the same time. I love this and wish I’d had it sooner!

  • Not happy - Not happy

    I purchased the mix, the taste was fine; Not great. I didn't see any over the moon results that would have justified the cost for me. However, the biggest issue for me was when I was ship a second and even a third box after request for them to stop shipping and charging me for this product. I was then offered a 90% credit after I paid the cost of shipping for their mistake. I was not happy nor impress with their customer service. I don't recommend this product or company to anyone.

  • M. Nolen - Get up and running...the right way

    Even though I've been using Civil 3D for several years, this book helped me understand some of the basics of Civil 3D that I haven't been using but should have been. I found the book to be a great stepping stone to the Mastering Civil 3D book. I especially recommend this book to surveyors for the detailed information provided on survey data, figures, points, point groups, surfaces, data shortcuts and parcels. The exercises are easy to follow and relevant.

  • Vanesa - Coolest straightener I have used

    This product is amazing. It cuts the straightening process in half. I don't know how well this brush will work on curly hair. I have straight hair (for the most part) but sometimes my layers dry funny or my top layers are frizzy and staticky that i am forced to straighten my hair. I love that the brush is gentle on my hair. I am not left with any crunchy, dry ends like my straightener left at times. The only complaint I have is that it is not easy to get close to the roots with this product. Maybe a semi-curved brush would fix that tiny problem

  • sherry serrata - Wow loved it

    I just loved this book. I thought it was hot and sweet. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read another from her.

  • Nicole - This product is very good. Seems to work right away as far as ...

    This product is very good. Seems to work right away as far as feeling like it is smoothing out my skin on my legs. Have not used it long enough to really see a difference yet, but I will keep using it. I would definitely recommend this product! I received this product on a promotional discount or free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.