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  • Autumn Casey - Not the right specs for amplifier being sold!

    Description says 0 gauge inputs. When I received it. It only take 4 or 2 Gauge wire! Bummed because I bought 0 gauge wire. Also can't strap with master slave because it doesn't have that either. So the features and specs aren't correct. I'm trying to decide if I should use it or return it. Because it's not what I was told I was purchasing. :(

  • Laura Stewart - Still Great and Relevant 10 Years Later!

    This one's been on my "to read" list for years until I finally got around to it recently. I always wanted to know what differentiated a truly great company from the also-rans. The book is incredibly well researched and details what makes a great leader, for example. Surprisingly the "Level 5" leaders were the lower key executives - not at all like Steve Jobs. These CEO's also placed a premium on getting the "right people on the bus" and found ways to keep them motivated so they'd stay at the company. Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways for me was how to create a culture of discipline - which frees you and your employees up - creates less bureaucracy and increases your competitive edge.

  • PS2205 - Great Product - very easy to use

    I've used this since May of this year (2013) and have had no trouble at all. It was so easy to install. With that I will add that reaching customer service is very difficult. The product works, but I have not been able to complete activation of secure anywhere. I've emailed and followed the steps but have received not response from Webroot. However, I have also have not taken the time to continue with further follow-up.

  • Leslie Calderoni - Fantastic debut album from Thrown into Exile

    Fantastic debut album from Thrown into Exile. There isn't a weak track on this album which is refreshing considering it's a first offering. Driving, and urgent, with genius level guitar riffs, Thrown into Exile is the band that gave me a soft-spot for metal, if there is such a thing. New listeners, and crusty old metal-heads alike will love this release. Highly recommend.

  • DvrBrncoFn - Current Overview

    I have been to so many stores both online and off to research the pros and cons over a very wide variety of elliptical within the last 8+ months. I recently purchased the Sole E25 and use it, if time allows, on a daily basis. For the price that was advertised I believe that this product cannot be beat. The original price that I found online and at the store was a little over a thousand and was advertised as being half off. I went to the manufacturer website to find that this product is primarily sold from Dicks's Sporting Goods and the company has been very helpful with not just my elliptical purchase. I have owned said elliptical for about 2 weeks now and as long as you keep it clean, both exterior dust and rail buildup, and you will have little to no problems.