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  • A. Kolva - Starting to feel human again....

    Over the last several years I have developed a gluten and wheat intolerance, GERD, IBS and sinus problems. A nutritionist recommended looking into Candida. After some searching online I came across Threelac. A coworker and I split the cost and are sharing a box. I started to notice a difference in my digestive problems within the first week of taking Threelac. I've also noticed a decline in sinus problems. I have experienced symptoms of candida die off, but the overall experience has been positive. I typically take 1/2 a packet after dinner. It does make me very tired, and I am typically ready for bed around 9. I have noticed a decline in the severity of my acid reflux, as well as a smaller reaction to food containing gluten or wheat. I have yet to go on a candida diet, but plan on doing so in the near future.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy - Get that supple beard haha

    Hi Community! I love providing feedback so my fellow customers are able to make an informed decision regarding the products they buy and use for their personal needs. I received this product free so i can do just that. Now it's only been 2-3 days since i've used and my beard is very light, not a great thick bush the pioneers of beards would be proud of haha. Let's get started!

  • Caligirl - it doesn't matter how great of a student you are

    I had to take GRE exam for my university. I purchased 3 GRE prep books and failed the exam after practicing and studying with books. These books do not teach or prepare you for GRE exam, all they do is prepare you to approach questions that are given on GRE, however you will not know the correct strategy. Most of the GRE questions are to be guessed more than anything, it doesn't matter how great of a student you are, or how intelligent or knowledge you have. GRE looks for specific puzzle figuring like IQ test, in fact I'd call it IQ test instead of GRE. I ended up enrolling in $500 course for 4 lectures who provide you with similar book. However, course teaches you how to approach questions with correct strategy, how to solve and figure out puzzles in short cuts.