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  • Ronnievee - The

    She never seen to amaze me..everybody that she write is great I could truly said that she is my favorite author..this book was great just like all the rest miss Nicole never disappoint me..great job as always❤️❤️

  • office lady - This is not P C

    I upgraded my PC to a new Mac and needed Quickbooks. I have used Quickbooks for PC since 1998 and love the product. QB for Mac is a joke! So much so, I took my Mac back and got a new PC. The Mac product seems to be about 6 years behind the PC product. In fact, when prompted by the PC product to covert to the Mac product, it asks if you are sure you want to do so, because the PC product is superior, SERIOUSLY! Also, payroll for the Mac product is third party. You have to enter time in QB, then sign in to their payroll service and enter time again. It is not a quality product

  • 70xseven - Lovely Colors

    Great for Christmas Gifts -- and one for me as well. I use it as a sun catcher all year long. Beautiful color.

  • A Christmas Treat - A Christmas Treat

    Far and away the best movie version of Dicken's classic story. In addition to Alastair Sim's lauded performance as the definitive Scrooge, this film has a wonderful supporting cast, brilliant screenplay, and marvelous sets that perfectly recreate Victorian England. The message of positive change, and looking out for our fellow man have never been more beautifully brought home then here. Those final scenes, where Scrooge realizes that he is still alive and vows to become a better man, prove to be some of the most moving in cinamatic history. Enough talk, go buy the movie. It's a Christmas present you won't soon forget.

  • BeautyNBaseball - Part of my Boho Chic aromatherapy blend

    I've always been a big fan of having great smells and fragrances in my house. And then I discovered that certain essential oils will not only make my home smell fantastic, but that they will also provide different benefits. Aromatherapy is not a new phenomenon, it has been around for longer than most people realize. For me personally it is a new discovery that I am enjoying thoroughly. I find it absolutely fascinating that something that smells so good can also be good for me and my family.

  • Amazon Customer - sooooooo sad because i love the idea and look of this ...

    sooooooo sad because i love the idea and look of this case, however the case itself is ..peeling. its like little pieces are falling off and shedding. its so sad. Also my white case is now brown. It looks disgusting. i want to return it but i just love the lights and how well the lights work. but i have little white pieces of this case literally falling off, and its like it absorbs color of everything it touches. i really don't want to have to get rid of it. i think a black case wouldbe been more ideal.