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  • Karb85 - Great Serum!!

    I have been using hyaluronic acid serums for several months now. I've found some (on my skin it seem) take awhile to absorb while others are real quick. I've also noticed some are easier to spread a thin layer and others I feel like I keep having to use a little bit more to cover my face. This is in my top of hylauronic acid serums I have ever used. The bottle looks great, it is easy to apply and a little bit really does go a long way so I am glad about that as I think this will last me quite awhile. I haven't broke out from this serum, and it does appear to be working as described. I plan on repurchasing this when the current bottle I have runs out. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  • N. West Short - Best Pedals I've Ever Used

    I've been mountain-biking for 20 years, and started out using Shimano SPD pedals, which have twin locking mechanisms and hold your shoe firmly in position. I found that after a hard ride my knees would hurt from having my foot in a fixed position while maneuvering the bike, so I sought another solution. A salesman at REI recommended the Speedplay Frog pedals to me about 15 years ago, and I have been using them consistently since. Unlike the Shimanos, the Frog pedals have no moving parts and allow my feet to "float" on the pedal so my knees don't hurt anymore. These pedals also have grease points (the phillips head in the centerline of the pedal) that allow you to re-grease the bearings so they will last indefinitely (the grease tool is sold separately). In 15 years of riding at least once a week on mostly rocky terrain, and hitting the pedals on rocks more times than I can count, I have only broken one cleat, and one pedal, in a fall that literally split the pedal in half.

  • V Hanline - It's Lavender...not original scent

    Because the Burt's Bees signature scent is naturally calming to me, I didn't look twice, but when my package arrived, I realized that this is lavender!