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    I used this product on my hair (shingling/wash and go) and I did not receive much curl defintion or elongation. On top of that it takes forever and a day to dry. It's also extremely gooey and sticky. I have a lot of hair so I used a good bit but I didn't use way too much either. If it didn't give me the definition that I wanted with a lot then I know it wouldn't have done it with a little. My hair looks a hot mess. Not good for 4a/4b hair. I'll stick to Miss Jessie's!

  • Newt Gingrich - Every American should read this book

    Charles murray set the stage for welfare reform with his extraordinary book, Losing Ground. Now he has set the stage for a revival of American civic culture and American Exceptionalism with Coming Apart. Murray usn't always easy to read but he is astonishingly rewarding if you are willing to think with him as he outlines his case.

  • Woodsever - Pretty good

    The book is a very different immigrant story set in the mid 1800's after the potato famine Ireland. Two young women meet on the crossing from Europe to New York and are faced with almost insurmountable odds from the time they set foot in the city. The life they left is described in detail answering any questions as to why so many immigrated to the U.S. Devastating losses, famine, abuse, loneliness are just some of their reasons as they struggle daily to just stay alive. Once in the U.S., they are almost immediately set upon by pimps, thieves and no-good rabble.

  • Teryl Hughes - The Clek Fllo seemed to be very solidly built but we purchased something else that fit in the car better and was easier to insta

    It didn't fit in my Rav4, despite seeking help from a professional child safety seat expert. The Clek Fllo seemed to be very solidly built but we purchased something else that fit in the car better and was easier to install. Was able to send it back to Amazon for free and they processed by return quickly. So, all in all, it was a fine experience it just didn't work out for my vehicle.

  • Marie - Great Pen

    Bought this as a gift, so I didn't get to use it. The person I bought it for told me they were pleased as always with the Waterman products.

  • Amazon Customer - So many reasons to NOT buy this garbage

    For starters, never buy a supplement with a proprietary blend. How are you going to know what you are taking?Second, a big red flag should come up when the"doctor" who is pushing this on tv is a, get this, a holistic theologist! Just what the hell that is I have no idea.Third, they call it a "free testosterone giveaway." There is NO TESTOSTERONE IN THIS PRODUCT!! The only way you can raise your test is through real test therapy, there is no other way, period, end of story. The FDA would not allow a product to be sold over the counter if it contained anything that raised your test significantly.Also, the main ingredient in this crap is saw palmetto. Look that up and tell me why they went with that herb because I have no idea, except that maybe they believe people are too stupid to do a little research. I guess they are right about that apparently.