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  • A. Reiss - Lived Up to its Claim

    I am a very picky person and as a 25 year purchasing director, I problably require much more persuasion based upon fact or credible supporting references to sway my opinion. I received the first scratches on my new black car the third day I owned it. Needless to say, it irritated me everytime I looked at my otherwise great looking car. The scratches would almost draw me to them, so finally, I felt I had to stop driving myself crazy and was compelled to find a way to resolve it (the scratches) without going to a body shop or guessing what product at pep boys or the dealership may work. This product (Quixx Paint Scratch Remover) actually was easier to use than the instructions explained and performed at the level it made in its claims. I had several deep scratches (metal shown) that this product blended seamlessly and quickly. The final polish step provided that closing bit of confidence that the repaired area was now sealed. The product worked so well and easily that I started looking for scratches on my wife's car. The only suggestion I have is to make this product available in a larger format (more contents and support pieces# for those that are now believers, can have a provisional amount available for future use. I saw a separate website for a 5 step product that I felt utilized this same or similar process with similar chemicals or formulations#but it had a few more steps and I am not overly mechanically inclined nor felt like spending an hour learning the process (correctly or errantly#. That said, I also did not feel like spending a $100+ dollars on speculation. The Quixx product positioned itself at a price point worth taking a chance. It absolutely satisfied what I needed at 1/6th the price point. I do not know what other variables may make this product work or not work for others #age or type of paint, cleanliness of area being repaired.....)all I know is it worked well for me.

  • Leon Harrison - high quality¬†and really fast charger

    The Product looks great and the quality also, fast charge!! for the price it is an option to consider when buying an external battery.

  • Terri - No Android support

    It's going back, NO support for Android, per the manufacturer but in the feature section, it's stated that it IS. Which is it? The app is in Android's app store but can only be used OUTSIDE the US!!! What's up with that? Very disappointed. I want something that works with Android.

  • Chalippon - Wonderful Book

    This book is the book-to-read if you're getting ready to go for your NCLEX. It's very a nice book, take it from me.

  • Sarah N - Not just for stretch marks

    This lotion is an all around winner. I use it on my belly and it does well for stretch marks, absorbs quickly and smells great. I also use it on my breasts as they chafe from my nursing bra and I use it to lube to flanges of my pump, I am exclusively pumping and found this product more useful than nipple butters. I also found it to be great on my baby's aggressive cradle cap, scoop some on the scalp and use the soft brush throughly and wash with baby's shampoo then just a dap brushed on after the bath. Cured my sons cradle cap.

  • Michelle G. - Shadow Lasts All Day

    This is great for getting your shadow to last all day, or avoiding that oily feel/shiny look if you choose to skip shadow. My shadow lasts until I wash it off at night. If I don't want to do full makeup, I will still put this on my lids for a matte look and feel that lasts all day but looks natural. I've been using this for a few years now, I love it.

  • D. Reyes - Classy Product!

    We love these crystals and have made them a family tradition! They're very classy looking and add a nice, high-end touch to our tree!