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  • Mac W - Excellent Internet Protection

    McAfee Internet Security let a Trojan virus into my computer. McAfee then couldn't find it, nor remove it. I purchased Vipre, which instantly found the Trojan, quarantined it and removed it.

  • Amazon Customer - I highly recommend this product

    I've used Al Cass Valve oil for my trumpet for around 20 years or more and it always worked extremely well. I highly recommend this product.

  • Teresa Tran - Great price!

    This is a great set of earphones/Bluetooth headset. I use mine mainly to listen to music while at the gym. Unfortunately I left it in my pants while doing laundry so now the Bluetooth is messed up. But as a set of earphones, it still works. Of you want a simple set then this is good. If you want over priced headsets that are actually junk but you just want to look cool then buy those popular headsets that have that big ol' "b" printed on it.

  • Sammy - Looks nice but poor fitment on OEM part

    The fuel filler door is OEM and arrived in good packaging with Mopar part # on it. Very easy to install, about 30min. The issue is the fitment. There is a slight gap between the part and the jeep body. This is just how it is and there is nothing that can be adjusted to make it better. As such, due to poor fitment, I am giving the part 3 stars. I expect OEM quality to fit flush to the body of the car. I am keeping the part as it is good enough and not very noticeable.

  • Sharon B. Smith - Pilates Pro Gym

    I like my Pilates Pro Gym, use it daily. I did expect any repairs would have been done with new replacement parts but it was obviously repaired--a connection knob was glued back together. If I had the purchase to do over, I would have spent more for a new gym but have always had excellent experiences with manufacturers remanufactured models. The gym must have had a difficult journey since the box was arrived in very poor condition, I strongly suggest the company package their product better.

  • MiGi - Isogenix review from experience 2015 :-(

    For a combined bday/holiday gift (bec it's that expensive) I received isogenix from loving relative, as it worked for them.

  • shawdow75 - sound great priced right

    sound great priced right, stays in with the little clips which some think are supposed to hook around the ear, but really go on the inside of the ear to help keep them put, had it had one of those charger boxes that charge them a few more times before the box needs recharging would have knocked this up to a 5 star rating, very please with these headphones