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  • Eric Wagner - The GRE prep 2016 study guide provides a useful overview of what to expect from the GRE

    The GRE prep 2016 study guide provides a useful overview of what to expect from the GRE, providing useful review information on algebra and geometry as well as approaches to thinking about the writing portions of the GRE, pacing, and thought problems. There are also some trial questions. Overall this was an affordable book that was just what I needed to prepare for the exam.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Daily Multivitamin!

    I love what's in these Evlution Nutrition multi's. I've been taking these for about a week and have enjoyed more energy and a better sense of well-being. Will definitely order again!

  • Garden Reader - The Best

    This is an awesome manual, I had very little previous experience with Acess and was able to create my own database very quickly with this easy to read manual. Very easy to follow. I will be keeping this book nearby!

  • amberway - fun, great beginner brewing set

    I bought this for my husband for fathers day one yesr. He was so THRILLED. It was the start of a major hobby/obsession for both of us. The mixes included were ok, a cervasa and a pilsner. Neither one was super, but they were both drinkable. Pilsner was the best of the 2. Out of curiousity, we tried doing one bottle using the faster directions included, and for the rest we used the 2-2-2 rule recommended by most other reviewers. DEFINITELY use the 2-2-2 rule. The bottle brewed according to the faster directions was undrinkable. Tried a few other mr beer mixes and again, good but not stunning. When we started experimenting with adding fruit or citrus zest, and getting creative though, we got some amazing results. Eventually we perfected some of our own recipes too, which was tricky at first due to the small size but still do-able. We ended up getting a bigger, better kit eventually, but still use our mr beer for test batches and ciders etc. Mr Beer was a convenient starter option, and was overall a great little product for the price TIP-another review recommended lightly sanding the edges around the tap opening before assembly. We didn't do this and had a bit of leakage at first. Were able to take it apart and sanded it smooth and it worked like a charm.