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    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Joseph Parker - Gift Card

    If you are looking for a $50 gift card to buy the 10 day transformation feel free to use my code "mainamarina"

  • McMitchell - Gimmicky & Disappointing

    The whole program is quickly summed up in 3 chapters - most of which expounds why people are unhealthy because they eat too much sugar - and then moves on to the program proper, which gets a couple of pages with very little explanation or ways to make it easier to understand. When I got to the food charts (the next 200 pages worth) I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Pancakes with butter, bacon, sausage and eggs. For ONE meal. Fake caramel and nuts. Butter, butter and more butter. Everything else was made of chemicals and sweeteners. And fresh fruit? No. Raw vegetables? Maybe. If it's lettuce or spinach. You want an apple? Wait until you lose all the weight. In the meantime, here's another list of things you can't eat. But you can eat a pile of fruit flavored xylitol covered with heavy cream. Page after page of pictures with "BELLY BAD!" vs. "BELLY GOOD!".

  • chuckles - You have to want it to work

    Like most diet books, I think it's kind of like a placebo thing in that you have to want it to work either because of hitting rock bottom or just wanting change bad enough for some reason or another.

  • Misha - Finally, a decent "best of" Bad Co.on one disc

    Great collection. Superb mastering job. If you like this band, you should already own at least their first two records. This disc does a fine job of covering the rest of their work on one disc. Hopefully, this disc will encourage you to buy some more of their music.

  • C. Petersen-Cutts - Buyer beware

    I ordered this game for my son as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately what I received was a copy. On the back of the CD it did not have the normal XBOX 360 embedded on the center of the disc, what we received was a CD-R that the 360 would not read. I have ordered other games from Amazon and never had this problem. This was one of the things my son wanted the most for Christmas, so it was very unfortunate that he could not enjoy the gift and we had to purchase a copy from Walmart after Christmas.