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  • http://50shadesofsun.com/d-day-ms-diagnosed-2/ D-Day: MS diagnosed | 50shadesofsun - Spring of 2002 was a pivotal time in my life. It was when I discovered the cause of the symptoms that had been bothering me, to sometimes greater degrees but
  • http://50shadesofsun.com/can-do-attitude-to-life/ 'CAN do' attitude to life | 50shadesofsun - Ian's story... Hello, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ian Franks - and I am a person. That might seem a strange thing to say but it is
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  • http://50shadesofsun.com/all-a-matter-of-taste/ All a matter of taste | 50shadesofsun - Do you like spicy foods such as curries and chillies or prefer to stick to what might be called simple foods? Similarly, do you enjoy eating various types of
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  • http://50shadesofsun.com/wheelchairs-love-hate-need/ Wheelchairs: Love to Have, Hate to Need | 50shadesofsun - Wheelchairs, scooters and I have a love/hate relationship. Not hate the actual chair, just the need to use one, hate the fact that my mobility is so badly
  • http://50shadesofsun.com/hormones-diet-help-relieve-womans-ms-related-fatigue/ Hormones and Diet Help Relieve Woman’s MS-Related Fatigue | 50shadesofsun - A woman who says her life was made miserable by fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis, claims she is on the road to recovery because she has taken control of her
  • http://50shadesofsun.com/one-quarter-msers-suffer-employer-discrimination/ One quarter of MSers suffer employer discrimination | 50shadesofsun - A damning report looking at workplace discrimination states that 24% of people with MS say their employer has treated them badly as a result of their condition,
  • http://50shadesofsun.com/charity-vilified-as-it-lends-manager-to-government/ Charity vilified as it lends manager to government | 50shadesofsun - Unbelievable, grossly inconsiderate and just plain barmy. Why UK mental health charity Mind would agree to the one-year secondment of one of its senior

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  • beth midura - Really works

    I started taking this product this year,my friend and I were going to do the latest diet craze and it recommended to cleanse your colon,we were told to start easy,so I took 1 once a day in the A.M. and I was going on a regular basis,which I have never really done.I actually ran out about 2 weeks ago and I can't wait for my new shipment so I can stay regular.

  • Mail Debaser - Perfect Fit

    Perfect fit in the cargo area. The mat does come rolled, but I laid it out, and weighted the four corners for a few hours, and it flattened nicely. Shipped quickly. Nice quality. Made in the US.

  • Donald S. - Good product, easy to install in 30 min

    Good product, easy to install in 30 min, the instruction that came with the roof-racks must have been updated because they easy to follow unlike the reviews. They held two Kayaks well and have been on my jeep for two weeks with no issues yet.

  • I<3Amazon_Prime - Tender, healthy jerky alternative

    This is delicious! The description is pretty spot-on, with it being a combo of prosciutto and beef jerky. Very tender meat with a subtle flavor. I like knowing it's grass-fed meet, too. Smaller bag than what I anticipated, but comparable to regular jerky bags. I like that this seems to be a healthier jerky option.

  • Richard E Valdez - Thank you!

    I very much enjoyed the CU/Wash game today. I have DirecTV so it was only the third game I've seen. 5 Stars from me.

  • Gethin - Great Rack (Bars)

    Easy install, good quality, matches the OEM exactly, No Torque Wrench but my Toyota dealer wanted $340 + $112 Install so saved a lot of $$$$$$.