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  • G. S. McLaughlin - Lovin' the Bullet and lovin' the juices/smoothies...

    ON a recommendation from two friends, I bought the Nutri Bullet..been wanting to have a juicer, for years, and was always hesitant about which one, so never got one...anyway, I bought mine at Target $99.00, and I use it once or twice daily...I love it...For greens, I have used kale, swiss chard or baby spinach (my fave), and for nuts I go back and forth between raw cashews and almonds, and then I almost always use from papaya, pineapple, granny smith apples, celery, carrots,cucumber,melon, banana, strawberries..I always use organic coconut oil and either chia or flaxseed...i stock up and use different variations, but so far, it has been wonderful...for liquid i also use a little organic vanilla soymilk, and fill the rest with filtered water. ...For anyone who wants to go raw, this is def a great way to start..I have NOT tried frozen fruit, am getting everything as "fresh" as i can...YOU WILL THOROUGHLY ENJOY THE EASE of it, and the RESULTS...

  • Elizabeth - Home feels like a hotel!

    Love these product. I love what it does to my hair. Smells great, not as strong as the one that I used in the Hilton hotel but, it gets the job done. I bought a set for each of my bathrooms so my guests can feel like they are in a hotel when they are staying in my home

  • luu thai-hiep - Good for Kids

    When I install this app, I wonder it is suitable for my children. But there are Many exciting program for my son. He love so much this ap.

  • Erin C. Harris - I wanted to LOVE this, but smells just LIKE THE ZOO. Seriously.

    It may work, I have no idea. I tried it two days. I tried to get past the smell (I like dandelion tea, Chinese herbs, anchovies, you name it - people usually hate it and I love it. Creative visualization I am at the zoo enjoying life, who doesn't love the zoo after all? blah blah). This? I couldn't do it. I didn't go away as some people suggested, I could smell it until I washed it off. Gave it a day, tried again.