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  • TERRY BANGLEY - super fast shipping

    ordered it on friday, got it on monday,super fast shipping, plugged it into my pc and heard the little sound the computer makes when you plug in something, opened "my computer" and didnt see the "external storage" i.e. the spy pen. so i charged it up for an hour or so and then started messing with it.followed the instructions and wasnt sure if i was recording or not so after a few mins i turned it off and plugged it back into my computer,heard the sound when i plugged it in and then went to "my computer" still no sign that the external device was even plugged in :( ..then i got up this morning and went to the laptop and plugged it in, heard the sound and went to "my computer" and there it was,opened it up and there were the folders video and photo opened up the video folder and wa la there was the video i took, very clear, sound was loud, i took a video of the instructions off my monitor and looking at the video you could very clearly read all the instructions, i havent tried it out yet in any other fashion, but just looking at that video really gives hope that it will always be that crystal clear and with great audio... one thing i could suggest to the maker would be to make it a little easier to tell what your doing with the pen,, i.e. when in stand by mode the display lite should be yellow, when recording the lite should be green.. that way you will actually know if your recording or not, but since that is my only complaint im very very happy with this product

  • Nikita D. Martin - Christian Propoganda Disaster

    I was really excited to see this film...I actually thought initially that it would be "The Odessey" another 2012 film which is a documentary but quickly realized that it was actually a film that acted out a storyline based on 2012 prophecies. At this point I was still interested to see how the film would come together, and was even willing to completely bypass the terrible acting in order to see 2012 come to life in a way that I've only imagined from some of the books and research I've done myself. Let me say now, that not only was the acting horrendous, the storyline sucked, and I felt like I was watching a really corny version of Touched by an Angel. The whole flick completely took chosen bits and pieces of the ancient Mayan prophecy and made it into a Christian propoganda film. I am a Christian so I can appreciate my faith and appreciate what it is I believe in, but watching someone take two separate and completely different prophecies to try and sell the apocolypse honestly just pissed me off. I like how the people 'called' to do the Lord's work were all American, and the females were two blondes who questioned their belief in a higher being. The whole rapture thing being tied with the whole mayan temple thing...completely broken, made NO sense and I feel like I just lost an hour and a half of my life watching that garbage. If you really want to know about 2012, check out the History Channel's video on it, or "The Oddessy" so that you can get an unsensored, real version that makes alot more sense and isn't trying to sell nonbelievers a bogus version of the story. I hope you read this before you waste your money, it was a complete mess.

  • Ms Spice - Curlygirl product

    This product is good for curly hair, it wont give you curls if you dont have them already. Its made to define curls but it shrinks the curls as well. I first found this product in my local family dollar store. I only paid 5 dollars for it, but the price on Amazon is not bad either because its a bigger jar.

  • Carrie Weaver - Kaspersky "Support" is a Nightmare!

    I renewed my subscription directly with Kaspersky so I did not purchase through Amazon. The process has been a total nightmare. After 3 days working with Kaspersky's Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer service I still do not have functional Kaspersky Total Security 2016. I complied with their requests, tried calling, tried online contact, ran the requested reports, uploaded them to their site as requested and STILL am unable to activate their software. I am requesting a refund of the $111.00 I paid for 2 years worth of service. This is just ridiculous! Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your security software.