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  • Danielle - Fits in a Fiat 500!

    Very happy with this seat. I was able to get a secure install in a Fiat 500 without the rebound bar. I like that it has a metal frame, and good side protection. Helps me feel more secure about having the baby in such a tiny car. It is not the cushiest, as others have mentioned, but it is one of the best seats on the market. It is easy to tighten the straps, which is a major pain with other convertible seats.

  • Airiel - Ok moisturizer did nothing for my wrinkles

    I just finished the bottle.This was ok as a moisturizer with sunscreen but I did not notice any difference in my wrinkles. It is very light would be good for summer or someone with oily skin, but I used it in the fall when my skin starts to get dry and had to layer my deep moisturizer with it. I did tingle slightly around my eyes so this my not be for someone with sensitive skin.