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  • MoistGamer - Great expectations met with great results

    Why i chose 5 stars: The console came on time, unopened, and it functions perfectly. I feel for the people that got the "Dead on Arrival" models - that's terrible. Luckily, I did not get one of these.

  • Gustavo Orellana - Nice but not very stable.

    Some nice changes to 2007, at least now all the programs share the same interface. Some changes are not for the business oriented user.

  • Pete - 4 out of 5

    Not the best tasting product health product that I've ever tried but certainly not the worst. As other's have said, the sweetness makes it more tolerable. One major benefit that I've noticed (even since my first glass two weeks ago) has been the loss of that groggy feeling between noon and 3pm. I no longer feel like I want to take a nap after lunch. Other than that, I can't report any noticeable benefits. I had some blood work done about two weeks before starting this product and I'd be curious to see if this drink has had any measurable beneficial affects on my cholesterol etc..... I give it 4 stars for the immediate improvement and (so far) sustained improvement in my mental alertness for those after lunch hours.

  • Julia - Products worth investing on

    Pushy sales, horrible sales people and highly expensive products are some of the weaker points of Orogold. But, when it comes to the product itself, you really cannot fault the company. Like so many other people over here, I was fooled into purchasing one product too many and was then denied a refund. I felt embarrassed when I had to tell my husband that I spent almost $700 on products that I don’t think I would ever need. Surprisingly, he was calm enough and told me to at least try them out since I had already paid so much.

  • Kellie J. Burk - Hate it

    I tried this as an upgrade from my Roxio pro and completely don't like it. It never does 720x1280 when you burn it on a DVD. I have a Sony HD 46in 3D tv and its just centers the video in the middle of the tv, which I hate unless a blu-ray does not have widescreen capability like the Star Trek: TNG or ST:Voyger (not recorded in HD). Stick to Roxio Pro for me.

  • AmazonLover - Works great for me

    Works fine for me. I have not had any problems with it. However, I haven't noticed anything better about it than cheaper filaments like GizmoDorks. I personally will probably just order the $25 type filaments moving forward. (This is my personal review but, IC3D did offer me a discount to post this review.)