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  • Yvonne Eason - Great 2nd book in the series.

    “Yes, a hummingbird’s heart beats over twelve hundred times in one minute. Its tiny body has to work so hard just to survive, but it not only lives, it flourishes. Like you. After all you’ve been through, you keep fighting, keep trying to make things better for yourself and others. My hummingbird.”

  • Dancing Butterfly - Jo and Chip do it Again

    Reads as delightful as the couple is onscreen. So many funny and inspiring tidbits of their life together. They took a chance so many times and travelled that well-worn road to success with plenty of ups and downs and growth. A must for everyone who loves their show and them.

  • Amazon Customer - I do have deep pores and a lot of them but I would not recommend this product

    This cheaply made product did not work well for me at all. I do have deep pores and a lot of them but I would not recommend this product. You are not getting what you paid for with this product.

  • Zemsdale E. Abernathy - not a bad pocket knife

    I use this little sucker all the time. My complaints would be that I did have to sharpen the blade when I first got it and the hilt is slick so it isn't ideal but works well enough for me.

  • wendy mccrory - best security out there

    I have used Avast for many years now, on 2 different computers. I had never heard of it, and IT friend from Canada recommended it. He has a high level job with a very, very large international company so I am certain he knows what he is talking about. I am still a plug it in and hope it works kind of person!

  • Jade Bodhi - This is our 2d Trip Stroller

    Our first one got ran over by a Tuk Tuk in Cambodia... at least we got a good story out of it. I did a little more research on strollers and came back this one. it's the lightest weight stroller that has a full recline. Huge requirements for us. Especially since we're on our 2d baby we feel like we know what we're doing now. We live in Bangkok and need to drag our stroller up an down curbs carry up steep stairs to the Puplic transport and this covers all the bases. Full recline is a must. You can change diapers in it on the go and kids can get a good nap init as well. I think are 1st one was a 2010 model and the suspension seems to much improved. Also the when we fold it up the older version/locking piece could have been improved. Which would have been the only improvements we could have asked for. Nice smooth ride w/o all the bulk. Great canopy coverage from the Bangkok Sun. Nice peek a boo option so you can check on the kids while your walking around, but not a neccessity. Reasonable priced.

  • KarinaM - Water please!!!

    This made me completely dehydrated and I am someone who drinks water all day long. The dehydration led to instant headache which led to me returning it the next day. Not for me.