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  • Marquay - And go Through The Rough Stages Of It which Drys Out Your Skin At First But If It Gets Too Bad Warm water And Jojoba Oil will He

    The Real Deal Here Honestly but you do Have To Be patient!!! And go Through The Rough Stages Of It which Drys Out Your Skin At First But If It Gets Too Bad Warm water And Jojoba Oil will Help Alot Make Sure You Purchase The Jojoba Oil With It A Very Important Step It Should Be Included With The Regimen

  • LAS Reviewer - Good Reading

    “Irredeemable” is what Elle McCoy, a lawyer in the prosecutor’s office, calls Deputy Gabe Dawson. She’s known him since high school when he, even then, was cocky, swaggering, arrogant and handsome with girls chasing him.

  • Rosa Vazquez - Aveda

    Used a few times and it left my hair really hard and took the shine away so I stopped using the product.

  • Christy - Works amazing and is very well made and durable!

    I got this awesome walking stick for my husband to take with us on our weekend hikes. He recently had his ankle pretty much rebuilt due to a really bad injury and it bothers him pretty bad at times on our walks even though it is fully healed. So a friend and Dr. suggested that we buy a nice walking stick that way it helps him out but does not look like a cane therefore making him not feel as old. HAHAHA. So I went on the lookout for something nice but something that did not cost an arm and a leg. I came across a few nice ones but they were very expensive and a few I found were super cheap and I was afraid it might break really easy. The reviews were not so great so I decided to keep looking. Then I stumbled across this one and instantly loved it because of the color and because it does not look like a cane. It looks very sturdy and the reviews and price were great so i decided to give it a try. I ended up getting a great discount on it when I was checking out too so I was stoked. We have been using it for the past 2 weekends and my husband loves it. It really helps him out a ton. This thing is very well made and will last us a very long time. I am so happy with my purchase and happy that it really helps my husband a lot! Thank you so much for a great product!

  • Tena Lou Greear - Loved It!!!

    I know it's only September but I couldn't resist starting the Christmas season early! And what better way than with a Debbie Macomber book! The story is typical in that the main character doesn't like the guy, then falls for the guy, unintentionally of course, then does something to endanger the relationship but it all works out in the end. However, in true Macomber style, the story is such fun! I can actually see this happening! With very little holiday mushiness we are pulled into the lives of each character. There are no twinkling lights and walks in gently falling snow to set a romantic scene and that is why the story is so surprising! I could feel the anticipation and excitement of the holidays as the story unfolded.even without all the fanfare. What starts as an experiment in kindness ends with a sweet story of romance. Yes this is a holiday story but it really is more than that. With references to A Christmas Carol throughout the story. Macomber reminds us we should keep Christmas in our hearts all year long. A little kindness goes a long way!

  • P. KEEFE - Bible pontificating

    If you want a movie that is trying to preach the "Word of God", then enjoy. If you're a fan of Bill Maher, avoid both of these titles at all costs. Boxes and titles make them sound like action packed films similar to "Deep Impact". What you get is many many many speeches about God and the end of times. What is really annoying is the attempt to convert people by tricking them into buying one type of movie and then giving them this. They were both produced by "Faith Films". Now I know why the two pack was so cheap for blu ray. Because they are very boring. I actually have nothing against God or people who believe in God, but I do have something against people who try to ram their beliefs down your throat. I wouldn't watch these two movies again if you paid me (unless it was a lot). What a shame I had to give it any stars at all.