Yosprala™ (aspirin and omeprazole) delayed-release tablets - Find out more about Yosprala™ (aspirin and omeprazole) tablets, approved by the FDA to lower the risk of further heart problems or strokes in people who have already had them and who are at risk for developing stomach ulcers with aspirin.

  • http://www.yosprala.com/whatisyosprala/ What is Yosprala™ (aspirin and omeprazole delayed-release tablets)? - Learn about Yosprala a prescription medicine that contains 81 mg or 325 mg of aspirin and 40 mg of omeprazole that is used to lower the risk of further heart problems or strokes in people who have already had them and who are at risk for developing stomach ulcers with aspirin.
  • http://www.yosprala.com/takingyosprala/ Taking Yosprala™ (aspirin and omeprazole) delayed-release tablets - Decide if Yosprala a once-daily prescription medicine that contains aspirin and omeprazole is right for you. Learn how to take Yosprala, what to avoid while taking Yosprala, and who should not take Yosprala.

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  • Andrelle Johnson - Its Straight

    I tried and I didn't see any difference in the area that I applied it to, but on the positive side I LOVED they way the lotion/creme that was on the wrap had my problem area tingling.

  • Betsy Ibarra - Very sturdy

    This product is great. I didn't particularly order it for hiking I ordered it for my parents when they go on walks. They occasionally get angry dogs and this protects them. I can definitely see this helping when climbing or helping. It is great quality.

  • Chorca - Solid tablet for every day use.

    This is a no-frills tablet. It's cheap, but has what you need in a tablet. Running Android M(arshmallow), it operates fairly smoothly and handles most of what anyone would need. It might not be a top of the line Galaxy tablet, or a Pixel C, but everything seems to work well. A tweak here or there helps, like needing to enable the 'dolby speaker' program to get any sort of volume out of it, but things just work. No crashes yet, a few OS updates show ASUS is keeping up with the security needs of Android as well.

  • LaShane N Ricketts - yessssssssssd

    I lover this. Cut down my blow dry time in half. I have no relaxer in my hair and it takes forever to blow dry it straight but this product cut my time I. Half.

  • Brett - Smart ass central?

    It's terribly hard to find a serious review in here. What is your problem? Can't you recognize superb art, or are you just wolf-hating SOBs? I wore this as best man to my brother's wedding, and every eye in the trailer was on me.

  • Steve S - Product okay, customer service terrible.

    I have used this product for over 6 months without a problem,other than slowing the computer down. Now it keeps shutting down or not starting at all. I have contacted customer support several times via email and chat. The people at chat are useless. The emails take about 3 days to get an answer. I wasted a whole day waiting for them to call me after being told they would phone me shortly. They never did call. I am now searching for a better product. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • AmyK - Made in China, NOT Italy....dont be fooled.

    The stroller clearly prints along the side of it "Made In Italy" (with the big price tag to match), but then when you look on the tag in the back, it says Made In China. I emailed the company regarding this discrepancy, and this is what actually transpired: