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  • http://www.woohoobody.com.au/products/woohoo-natural-deodorant-sample SAMPLE - Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste - Woohoo Body - Sweating is actually really good for you. And antiperspirants aren't. Ditch the antiperspirant and get your sweat on with Woohoo. It's 100%...
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  • Ron Rasglid - The Truth About 2.0 vs. 1.0. Which is Better?

    Sometimes I can be a bit naïve. I noticed that my K550 was not taking my old K-Cups so I called Keurig customer service to get answers. I was told that I cannot use these K-Cups so that the company could guarantee the "quality" of my coffee. I quizzed the customer service representative on what he meant by quality, then I tried again with his supervisor when I could not get a logical answer. Does quality mean better tasting coffee; Stronger or weaker coffee? This “2.0 issue” was quickly becoming an intriguing mystery. The supervisor read from the same "script". I suggested to him that the word "quality" is so generic that it has become almost meaningless. Why would the Company keep throwing out the word “quality” without an in-depth explanation? I apologized to the supervisor for not comprehending and tried again with a different question: What advantage does the new 2.0 Brewer have over the old one? The older machines I then discovered could take all the K-Cups. The older machines could accept the refillable cups so that I could use my favorite blends at a lower cost. The older machines are not limited by the 2.0 RFID/DRM” restrictions!

  • Dan Holzhueter - Tastes terrible

    May be all right if mixed in a big smoothie, but just in water or juice, it tastes and smells like vomit.Haven't noticed any extra energy or any miracles yet, but only have tried it for about 3 weeks. Will use up my 2 jars, but unless my hair turns brown or my arthritis pain goes away, would not purchase again.

  • thomas - AMAZING! Works fast! Buy with the confidence of a 60 day money back guarantee! realmenloveplexus.myplexusproducts

    It's crazy to buy Plexus products at retail prices when you can get a year membership for $34.95 and buy wholesale. Check it out: realmenloveplexus.myplexusproducts

  • John J. Mitchell - If you have a previous version, stay with it!!!!

    I downloaded the software. Took forever. took multiple times to get it to install properly. Prior to this upgrade, I was using Office 2010 and Lync 2013. Since the install, Lync 2013 is broken and no amount of reinstalls will get it working. Then, if you want an exersize in futility, try working with Microsoft (non)Support. My Scottish Terrier can do better. If I didn't need th Microsoft product for work, I would stay with my Apple/Mac set up.