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  • Sewell Free Radio - Slow

    I ordered the CD. I've been using Quicken since 1986. Generally I upgrade every 2 years so I went from Q2012 to 2014. I have a large file which worked fine under my previous version. Now every time I enter a transaction, I get an hourglass. Crazy. The install was buggy. I had problems with my password vault (it wouldn't take some accounts that were previously there) and couldn't use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-D to delete). I contacted tech support for 2 chat sessions. The first guy had me validate the file (I hate validating the file, it always messes it up, trying to resend transfers, screwing up balances, etc). This time it wiped out every one of my online payee addresses and acct numbers. The second guy was better, truly wanted to help, and fixed everything but the SLOWNESS. So I'm thinking I'll return the product and go back to 2012, then wait to see reviews of 2015. Since Quicken monitors this, I'd be grateful for any thoughts.

  • Amazon Customer - Surprisingly good hem and build

    Surprisingly good hem and build, seems durable and won't fall apart anytime soon. Looks believable and have gotten a lot of laughs, great convo starter. Eyes and nose are a little fragile and seems like they could rip off after much wear and tear, but nothing a little glue won't fix. A steal considering the price compared to other costumes like this

  • M. Glinsky - Definitely Worked For My Situation - Fiberglass Spa with small leak

    This definitely did the trick. Had a leak that required topping off 1-3 inches every week in the fiberglass spa. After doing some research, it was clear that having someone try to find the leak could cost $700 to $2000. At the end of the season, before draining, I tried this, having found a reference to it, and then reading the reviews on Amazon and on the product website. Applied it, let it sit for about a week, then drained, and left it to dry. Filled it back up in September, and it's not leaking a drop. Just a great product, if you have the right kind of leak to seal.

  • shma - Eureka!

    Brilliant. Go black and you won't go back. These look much more elegant than the hideous old chrome drip pans they replaced, and black is a much more forgiving color for this application. Trust me, if you still have those chrome bowls that highlight every charred spill that's occurred in the past few weeks, you need to treat yourself to a set of these raven beauties.

  • Leslie S Spretz - This definitely helps me to sleep when I can't. ...

    This definitely helps me to sleep when I can't. I don't use it often but when I do, it works. I don't notice any after affects either.

  • Ellen - Very nice

    There aren't too many verified purchases (reviews) on here so I thought I would chime in and give it a good review. Just a few drops to a diffuser does indeed do the trick. The scent is a lovely and seemingly pure smelling lavender. I would purchase it again for sure. The price is right too. I did put a few drops in my bath this morning and it filled the room with a relaxing aroma. ETA: I am changing the 4 stars I initially assigned to 5 stars because I really do love this stuff! I will buy again because it's very reasonably priced.

  • Linda Albertano - Yet another hair growth product.

    I don't know. My girlfriends swear by it. I used it for more than a year, and I don't see the difference. If anything, my hair is even thinner. But maybe that's just me. As I say, my friends claim they have new growth.