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  • Carolann C. McGrath - Easy Recipes that take the fat out of eating

    I love their recipes. They are easy to make and use many of the ingredients that I already use in my cooking. If you are using something that's fattening they just replace it with something less fattening. I have made many recipes from their magazine and I just love it.

  • Dude22573 - Not built to hold up.

    I purchased directly from fox. At first look the box is pretty clean and seems well built. I have the driver side sealed box for a single 12 in a ram. The sub is a comp VR and sounded awesome for about a week. I started to hear a popping noise coming from the sub when I would play music at high levels so I started investigating. The box started comming apart and it was the wood chattering! I had to go buy some trim screws and put a bunch of screws in the box to hold it together. So far it is working but I have about 16-20 screw holes that look like crap. I wouldn't purchase another one of these things.

  • D Horn - These are fantastic! Fit perfectly on my 2016 F250

    These are fantastic! Fit perfectly on my 2016 F250 ... No drilling required. Look great, high quality and at a great price ... Would recommend!!

  • iceberg2579 - EA destroys another game

    I loved the old Simcity. I played the first one in 1980's as a kid and every one since. I was even looking forward to this one from watching the design that went into it and the game mechanics. What I didn't realize is this game is unplayable as single player. It forces you to be in servers with many different people even if you just want to mess around by yourself and play the game on your own computer. And then the servers don't work either. I could not get one game to start so far. EA and their horrible DRM has ruined another game. I'm sure the server issues will be fixed sooner or later, but if there isn't a solid single player mode that doesn't require you to be connected to the internet all the time, then this will probably just be a blown 60$ for me. Lesson learned, EA will ruin any game you have loved for years with their oppressive grasp for cash DRM style.

  • Al Bundy - Great camera but Poor Design For Treat Size

    Love the idea but I had to return it because the treats wouldn't come out half the time, you really have to get the right size of treats and that was annoying. It would get stuck and had to clean it out everytime I would toss another treat. But some people might love it because of the camera feature or perfect size treats.