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  • K. Serratos - Oh wow is all I can say!

    I had ordered this product before but I never received it due to the postal service and them losing my package. In the meantime, I ordered this product again and I have been so pleasantly surprised with the way this cream really does work. It has reduced my cellulite significantly and I couldn't be more happy about that. I am going to be a religious user of this product. I love it!

  • Mrs. Wonderful - Makes hubby's "precious" look nice

    Our old tv died during Easter and my husband has been dying for one of those 3D tvs. So we purchased a new tv and waited for all of his accessories from amazon to come in. This was the best and least expensive tv mount that we have found. Directions were pretty easy to understand and makes hubby's "precious" look "aesthetically pleasing". The only pickle of it, is that it doesn't pull out if you need to go behind your tv nor can you really attach the tv to the part that makes your tv doubly secure incase of earthquake. It's sturdy though and today we did have a 3.0 shaker and the tv is fine. It's also great that they sent the little light, tiny leveler (not worth) and hdmi cable.

  • Sherry White - Can't Stop Touching My Hair!!

    I have fine blonde hair, just below my shoulders. I've used Loreal 9.5nb to keep my roots at bay for the last 10 yrs, and have always been really happy with that. For some reason I decided to treat myself to a professional color/hi light. Worst mistake ever! My hair was destroyed! I hated to wash it because it felt like mushy cotton candy when wet, and even using top of the line conditioners, it took forever to comb out, ever. so. gently. And then I would still end up with HANDFULS of broken hair. It was devastating. I won't lie, I cried many times at my bathroom sink over the last couple of months. I prayed for something that could strengthen my hair and make it stop breaking. It took me 2 years to get to this length and i didnt want to have to cut it off. I would stay up late into the night reading everything I could find online. I kept hearing about this stinky 2 step protein treatment....why, oh why didn't I order it right then?? I guess I was a bit intimidated by the whole "rock hard hair" thing, and still shell- shocked over the damage to my hair. Honestly, I was terrified of doing more harm. I ended up noticing it in my "save for later" cart here on amazon and went ahead and ordered it earlier this week. It arrived today, and since my girls were napping I decided to be brave and go for it. BEST THING I HAVE DONE FOR MY HAIR, maybe EVER!!!! I used a spray bottle to apply it evenly, didn't comb it thru, because, well, I'm so scared of combing my hair nowadays. And I sure didn't want to comb it wet with this shellac stuff on it! I aimed the blow dryer at it and it got amazingly plasticky feeling. I was nervous that it wouldn't rinse out well, but it rinsed super easily! As soon as the water hit it, it softened right up and I could tell my hair was different! :) :) I conditioned with the step 2 (which someone had described as smelling old ladyish. And it does. She said it helped to imagine Dolly Parton doing your hair in the shop from Steel Magnolias, which I found hilariously accurate! :) and let me tell you, when I took that towel off my head, I could run my fingers thru my damp hair!! I used a spritz of my regular leave in (aveeno nourish + condition) out of habit, but I don't think I even needed it. Worked in some fructose xl body mousse, and styled it with my blowdryer, did a little dance around my bathroom and ran to grab my iPad to order 4 more packets of this wonderful stuff! And to leave this review. Hoping it helps someone else not be a chicken like I was. I seriously can't stop touching my hair right now.

  • Engr. Stephen ezekwem - Says what it does

    I have this for close to two months now and i can confess it does what it says. When i initially saw this product advertised on TV i thought one of those wonder products that never does what it says, but researching this further, i was able to find out the only complaint people had about it was trying to loose weight with it. Make no mistakes, this will not make you loose weight you actually need to hit the gym to do that, but if you want to tone your belly muscles while combining it with abs crunching at the gym, then you have a winning formula. Having said that, if you also watch what you eat (less starchy foods), you can also tone and define you abs without hitting the gym, all you just have to do is use the product on a daily basis.

  • A. Bozzo - Not a miracle

    Eh. It smells very nice, but it's no miracle for my hair, which is not coarse, and is curly, wavy and gets very frizzy without some kind of product to tame it.

  • PsiGuy - Every new version gets worse and worse.

    Every new version gets worse and worse. $400 for basically what you can get for free with open office. also it requires a microsoft login which is stupid.

  • Darla Waters - Removes IT!

    This paste will remove all burnt on food or grease spots from your stove. It does it without scratching my glass stove top! I love it.!