Wabano - Wabano provides culturally sensitive medical services, social services and support, and youth programs for Ottawa's Aboriginal people.

  • http://www.wabano.com/about/ Wabano Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health - Wabano Cenre for Aboriginal Health is a place for the Aboriginal community to come together, with a full medical clinic, mental health clinic, cultural programs and community outreach.
  • http://www.wabano.com/about/what-we-do/ Wabano What We Do - Wabano - Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health is a critical service providing health care and a place of belonging to over 30% of Ottawa's Aboriginal community.
  • http://www.wabano.com/about/our-building/ Wabano Our Building - Wabano - Wabano Centre is a landmark building designed by Douglas Cardinal. It is a national centre of excellence for Aboriginal health, and a place of belonging.
  • http://www.wabano.com/contact/ Wabano Contact - Wabano - Information on how to reach Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, 299 Montreal Rd. Vanier. Contact information for the clinic, programs, events and media.
  • http://www.wabano.com/meetings/ Wabano Meetings and Conferences - Wabano - Wabano is an ideal venue for meetings and conferences with an open concept gathering space for large groups; smaller rooms for private meetings, breakouts,
  • http://www.wabano.com/facility-details/weddings-and-banquets/ Wabano Weddings and Banquets - Wabano - Wabano is a distinctive location for an unforgettable event. Whether it is a wedding, reception or banquet wow your guests in this unique facility.
  • http://www.wabano.com/facility-details/special-events/ Wabano Special Event Rentals - Wabano - Wabano provides a distinctive atmosphere with first rate facilities perfect for events from musical or theatrical performances to book launches and more.
  • http://www.wabano.com/facility-details/facility-bookings/ Wabano Facility Bookings - Wabano - Wabano is currently accepting rental bookings. To reserve space for your next event at Wabano please fill out this facility bookings form.
  • http://www.wabano.com/volunteers/ Wabano Volunteers - Wabano - Do you have a few hours a week or month? If so, join the Wabano team as a volunteer! Fun, Rewarding, Learn about First Nation, Inuit and Métis culture.
  • http://www.wabano.com/news-media/ Wabano News Media - Wabano - Wabano is the place to find compelling and engaging stories that capture the essence of Ottawa’s Aboriginal community!
  • http://www.wabano.com/clinic/ Wabano Aboriginal Health Clinic - The Wabano Aboriginal Health clinic is a full service medical clinic in Ottawa for First Nations, Inuit and Metis. New patients welcome. Walk in or appointment.

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